Human Of Stow

(Tutore Burlato - #05) Cassette $8.75 (Out-of-stock)

An oddly satisfying instrumental-and-sound collection, layered without listening to what was already recorded. C40
Listen to a three-minute excerpt here: https://soundcloud.com/tutoreburlato/dan-melchior-human-of-stow-excerpt


With Alex Drool, Maya Dunietz, Eran Sachs and Ilan Volkov

(Tutore Burlato - #16) Cassette $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

“There was a cloud in the room at Dunietz Towers of the Acme animated variety,” recalls Ali Robertson about the recording of the two untitled side-length tracks here. “At its core, there was not a ball of violence, but a six-notched ashtray filled with the smoked-out butts of the central belt and the Middle East…. [I]n addition to the traditional fists and elbows [onlookers] observed protruding from the fog: three dozen bottle tops, a stick attached to a cat’s arse with marshmallow, the green glow emanating from a future past’s robotic butler’s face and The KLF’s Bill Drummond exiting slyly by the back door. Later we licked our wounds and swallowed a whole fridge before sleeping spoons in the honeymoon suite. Occupational hazards, eh.”