River In Flames / Klaar

(Staalplaat) Used 2xCD $50.00

Beautiful acousmatic work with Orjan Hendriksson, Zbigniew Karkowski and Andrew McKenzie. River In Flames has rhythmic loops, fax machines, Morse code, exceptionally deep bass, sharp interruptions, a long electronic wash, electric buzzes that confine the listener in a center of white noise. Klaar alternates electroacoustic sources between loud and soft, with heavy use of ambient recordings; loops of circling electronics mix with voices and found sounds smooth the road into a sort of mantra; radio frequencies immerse in a sea of clicks, pops and explosions of a desperate mob. 32-page book of Duncan’s writing and photography.


Magnesia Nova

(Staalplaat) Used CD $32.00 (Out-of-stock)

Noise and EMS Synthi A recorded in early 1995, subtitled, “A study on the connections between the Hellenic and Japanese cultures.” Packaged in a long card wallet with a 24-page color booklet stapled inside.


Fallen Gods

(Staalplaat) Used CD $10.00

Throaty intonations, woodwinds, repetitive rhythms, tabla loops, choral synth waves. A transcendental sound odyssey from 1994.


The Kirghiz Light

(Staalplaat - STCD097) Used 2xCD $17.50

Formerly of Zoviet France, Robin Storey blends Eastern rhythms and trance with harsh beats and percussion on this 1995 release.


Vernal Crossing

(Staalplaat - STCD082) Used CD $12.00

Mind-bending tapestries of minimalistic percussion patterns and quasi-melodic drones from 1993, fused with doses of white noise.