Voice Pie

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Five tracks of pure sludge by Masami Akita and co., a solid wall of noise with enough going on behind it. Man Is The Bastard Noise does their best to keep the balance of the disc more fun than an odd tropical disease. With three non-LP tracks. From 1996


Inner Mind Mystique

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Seven tracks from 1995 that “drip with the fetid ugliness,” according to Ducks Battle Satan.



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This “foray into metal music, or at least [an] interpretation of it,” by Masami Akita from 1994, described by Pop Matters as a “dissident aggressor, unapologetic artist, naïve egoist, [and] pornography expert…, [is] inspired by grindcore, death metal, and copious beer-drinking. Venereology is a wailing, excruciating listen that cuts with a kind of ferocity so severe that listening to it feels like a total assault on your sanity…. Rather than emulating a death metal sound, he seems to be attacking it, exposing it as a childlike facsimile of real heavy music. This is much more extreme, grating, offensive, and terrifying than anything happening in even the most serious metal of the 1990s like Godflesh or Morbid Angel….” Barcode has a hole punched through it.


The Fires Of The Borderlands

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Malevolent minimalism from 1998. Mechanical repetition, deep drones, sinister synth washes.


Release Your Mind

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1995 comp with tracks by Love Like Blood, Trial of the Bow, Fetish 69, Dead World, Merzbow, Malformed Earthborn, Pica, Room 101, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Dweller on the Threshold, Tearbox, Candiru, Namanax.