Bloomington, Indiana ... Autumn

(Streamline) Used LP $12.00

Two side-long pieces from the early ’90s released here for the first time in 2010. Ranaldo lends the voice and words of “Bloomington, Indiana” to O’Rourke and Heemann for a text-based collaborative electro-acoustic composition on one side, backed with a Heemann / O’Rourke piece from the Plastic Palace People era. Sealed


Sleeper Awakes On The Edge Of The Abyss

(Streamline) Used CD $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

The CD was originally released in 1993 and has just now been reissued by Streamline Germany. “Heemann restrains and refines Akita’s normally brutal noise and adds his own collage of sounds,” explains Brainwashed. “Drones, washes, electronics and samples (such as metals and chirping birds). Heemann truly paints with sound and here the Merzbow material is just another shade of audio color for his abstract and impressionist palette. He then shapes it all into five pieces, each with a particular character all its own…. [U]tterly beautiful. Hypnotic passages of waterfall wash, layered electronic drone, metallic churnings, gurgling static and deep ambiance perfectly flow into one another.” From 1993


Im Schatten der Möhr

(Streamline) Used CD $25.00

Haunting mix of drones, found sound samples, and vocal melodies that add another level of trippiness without changing the underlying darkness. Our friends at Certain Music praised this album back in the late 1980s, “a carefully crafted journey of soundscapes, drones and songs reminiscent of Faust, Nurse With Wound, Pierrot Lunaire [which] seems to form one long piece that comes across like a surreal bus ride into post-psychedelic wonderland.” 2002 reissue


Move Ground

(Streamline) Used LP $8.00

2010 album based on the soundtrack of an audio-visual installation premiered at the third Horkunst Festival in Erlangen, Germany in 2005. Field recordings from Cologne edited and mixed with electronics.



(Streamline - 1001) LP $40.00

Originally recorded between 1991 and 1993, and then reworked for this 1999 reissue. Andreas Martin, Silverman, Christoph Heeman, Edward and Elke Ka-Spel, and Jim O'Rourke create beautiful moments amid swathes of gaseous analogue and brain-melt guitar, dark cavernous drones and motionless organ hums, expansive alien tapestries and soundtracks to the wanderings of disturbed somnambulists everywhere. Purple vinyl. Hand-numbered #216/550. Sealed.


Long Night

(Streamline) Used 2xCD $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

A two-and-a-half-hour electronic drone work recorded in 1990 and shelved for eighteen years. Tones morph and modulate slowly at first through strobing caused by the gradual shift of interwoven oscillations and their resultant overtones. Frequencies eventually tweak at an increasing rate, continuing into vibrant organ-like textures before reverting to a muffled, disciplined state of being where the various component signals of the drone detune and bristle with activity. Comparable to the synthesis experiments of Eliane Radigue.


Trees Hold Time

(Streamline) Used LP $15.00

A shimmering reverie of dreamy minimalist beauty from Current 93 / Nurse With Wound / Dirty Three collaborator Andria Degens, who plays seven timeless solo pieces on dulcimer, bowed dulcimer, bouzouki, singing bowl and voice. Clear vinyl, numbered edition of 514. Sealed


When Freezing Air Stings Like Ice I Shall Breathe Again

(Streamline) Used CD $8.00

This very quiet album from the mid ’90s “often borders on the imperceptible with silence as structural consideration,” explains Resonance. “Imperceptibility goes hand in hand with intangibility and sounds having very few referential angles. There’s a whole lot of mystery here. A half-light, a veil over a doorway to another world. Absolutely beautiful.”