Go Go Telescope

(EastWest Japan) Used CD $11.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Tantric tantrum dum-dum go-go music” is how KFJC tags this hard-to-find import disc. “As catchy as your favorite STD. Fashion king husband and helium queen wife dote over their child, the drum machine. Unlike their Stingy Banana releases, most lyrics here are in Japanese but the titles tell the story pretty well. Stupid, silly, and sexy with a banzai scream. This is mangled musical manga. Cartoon tunes that rawk!”


Phuket A La Bum Bum

(Bulb) Used CD $5.00

This is some fucked-up shit. While general roustabout Bob Limp thumps along in the background on a variety of acoustic, analog and digital instruments, Japanese comedienne Naoko Nozawa screeches in the foreground like a geisha with a foot caught in a bear trap. The arrangements are riffy, repetitive, and not afraid to use a slide whistle or a bit of hobo scatting. “Headache For Sisyphus” alternates a propulsive, quasi-tropical Casio beat and a creepy chorus of tiny voices. Echoes of Mr. Quintron, The Boredoms, that comedy bit Margaret Cho does about her mother, a heavily medicated Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and all manner of deviant influences. Disturbing, distressing, but ultimately loads of fun. From 2002. Sealed


Spanking The Species

(Stingy Banana) Used CD $6.00

Bad-ass craziness from Japanese comedienne Naoko Nozawa as she squeaks, chirps and howls her way through twelve rockin’, noisy songs with the abandon of an insane seven year old.