Phuket A La Bum Bum

(Bulb) Used CD $5.00

This is some fucked-up shit. While general roustabout Bob Limp thumps along in the background on a variety of acoustic, analog and digital instruments, Japanese comedienne Naoko Nozawa screeches in the foreground like a geisha with a foot caught in a bear trap. The arrangements are riffy, repetitive, and not afraid to use a slide whistle or a bit of hobo scatting. “Headache For Sisyphus” alternates a propulsive, quasi-tropical Casio beat and a creepy chorus of tiny voices. Echoes of Mr. Quintron, The Boredoms, that comedy bit Margaret Cho does about her mother, a heavily medicated Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and all manner of deviant influences. Disturbing, distressing, but ultimately loads of fun. From 2002. Sealed


Bullet In The Head

(Bulb) Used 7-inch $2.00

Three short tracks of proto-industrial noiserock from 1993


Glass Brothers 1993-1994

(Bulb - BLB041) Used CD $8.00

Four tracks from their first seven-inch (Bulb 1993), four tracks from Silver Owl LP (Bulb / Nightcap 1993), plus seven previously unreleased tracks. This influential group wasn’t “really noise per se,” explains Marlon Magas, “But we were influenced by noise and had noise in our music (same with the no wave angle), which arguably set the tone for the well-documented Ann Arbor noise explosion that would follow (Wolf Eyes, Nautical Almanac, et al).”


The Unauthorized

(Bulb) Used 7-inch $3.00 (Out-of-stock)

“African Lipstick” backed with “Down Home Girl” by everyone’s favorite glamtastic garage band trio. From 1994


Basic Math

(Bulb - 032) Used CD $20.00

A jolly romp by Michael Colligan, Jodie Mecanic, and Robert Rolston through klezmer circus territory utilizing organ, clarinet and percussion. In card box with sticker artwork.


The Amazing Spellcaster

(Bulb - BLB042) LP $30.00

Like a nightmarish Brad Swanson record, Quintron lays on thick organ distortion, cheap outer-space effects and animal noises. Furiously fun, enjoyably schizophrenic. Recorded live at the Pussycat Caverns, 1995. Jacket is letter-pressed and spray-painted on the front, offset printed on the back.


I.F. 011-011

(Bulb) Used LP $30.00

Pre-drum buddy / pre-organ recordings the early the ’90s, documenting Mr. Quintron’s brief career as a haunted house curator, endlessly playing the drum for days straight with little or no break. Much more rough-sounding and clatterous than later Quintron, the album includes drums, theremin, “mouth machine,” “spit machine,” answering machine, trumpet, and vocals. Recorded at unusual sites such as the public library, the Canadian Embassy, and the cavernous Milk of Burgundy. Clipped corner


Electric Servant Of Everyman

(Bulb) Used 7-inch $2.00

Ten tracks of spazolicious electronic noise from 1994. White vinyl


Wolf Eyes

(Bulb - BLB069) Used CD $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

An early Wolf Eyes artefact, from a pre-glam era when it was owned and operated by the duo of Aaron Dilloway and Nathan Young. Loved for its knowing glances to Throbbing Gristle, admired for its Suicide innuendo, revered for its sinister, stripped down, lo-fi atmospheres.