I.F. 011-011

(Bulb) Used LP $30.00

Pre-drum buddy / pre-organ recordings the early the ’90s, documenting Mr. Quintron’s brief career as a haunted house curator, endlessly playing the drum for days straight with little or no break. Much more rough-sounding and clatterous than later Quintron, the album includes drums, theremin, “mouth machine,” “spit machine,” answering machine, trumpet, and vocals. Recorded at unusual sites such as the public library, the Canadian Embassy, and the cavernous Milk of Burgundy. Clipped corner


The Amazing Spellcaster

(Bulb - BLB042) LP $30.00

Like a nightmarish Brad Swanson record, Quintron lays on thick organ distortion, cheap outer-space effects and animal noises. Furiously fun, enjoyably schizophrenic. Recorded live at the Pussycat Caverns, 1995. Jacket is letter-pressed and spray-painted on the front, offset printed on the back.