Destination: Poon

(Beniffer Editions - BFF6066) split LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

High spasticity by two of Canada's national treasures. The mad dog of guitar Brian Ruryk's "Alliances for Debris" is twenty-odd minutes of glass and metal connecting with hard surfaces at fast speeds, chopped up and re-spliced into microscopic fragments. A frenzy that should drop the jaw of even the know-it-alls. On "Nairobi Pieces 13-26" Gastric Female Reflex uses longer samples drawn from decaying radios and televisions, in-between-song recording outtakes, prayer tapes, random clicks, crackles and cuts, ambient bass rumbles, Tim Allen, and sound effects. According to Discogs, this was released in 2006 with different artwork and no title (some of the photocopy inserts are the same); all copies here have new silkscreened prints (not the same as what is shown at Discogs, but similar to others in our copies, and in different combinations). No two copies are alike, basically. It's a mess, granted, but confusion comes with the territory of landmark releases. Just accept it.


Guitar Obstacle Course

(Trackshun Industries) Used LP $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Dense squalls of free guitar audio-verité and spontaneous noise eruptions, spliced together with meticulous musique concrète-informed editing, Ruryk’s first full-length vinyl release collects material from various now unavailable cassettes. Littered with frantic, improv noise guitar mini-events, each seemingly recorded in different circumstances with different levels of fidelity, then strung together, layered, scattered, and interspersed with sudden pauses, other instruments and found-sound bits. Sealed


Guitar Weakling

(Beniffer Editions) 7-inch (lathe cut) $19.50

Another devotional candle for worship at the altar of keeko-bleeko guitar-playing. Cover is printed rubber, mounted on a surface raised with ball bearings. Worth framing and keeping on your desk at work. Edition of 50.