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The pop sensibilities of Pork Queen’s Justice Schoenfarber and Max Lee, and Mark Szabo (Infernal Devices, Capozzi Park) hide non-jangly surprises around every corner. Each plays a wide variety of instruments including electric guitars, bass, drums, organ, ukulele, violin, xylophone, tapes, pie pan, party favors, and scrap metal. From 1994.



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Free improv violin / guitar duets from 1994 by Michael Griffen and Eric Ostrowski. Sealed


Space Needle

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Wild-ass guitar-and-violin improv from 1996 by Michael Griffen and Erik Ostrowski


Pork Queen / Noggin

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A roomy, more human example of Justice Schanfarber’s aesthetic on the Pork Queen side, blending electronic and found sounds with sweet acoustic ponderings, while on the flip Michael Griffen and Eric Ostrowski purvey dizzying electric-guitar-and violin-improv free-screech. From 1993


Guitar Obstacle Course

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Dense squalls of free guitar audio-verité and spontaneous noise eruptions, spliced together with meticulous musique concrète-informed editing, Ruryk’s first full-length vinyl release collects material from various now unavailable cassettes. Littered with frantic, improv noise guitar mini-events, each seemingly recorded in different circumstances with different levels of fidelity, then strung together, layered, scattered, and interspersed with sudden pauses, other instruments and found-sound bits. Sealed


Optional Ingredients From A Vile Recipe Volume II

(Trackshun Industries - TR714) 7-inch $10.00

The second of Justice Schanfarber's three-part series was reviewed by CMJ when it was released back in 1995: “A peculiar six-track combination of hideous noise and gently radiant beauty. The noise tracks illustrate nicely the variety of things that the ear hears as noise instead of music, how easy it is to switch to thinking of them as music, and the way the overtones can be heard as notes. And their contrast is pretty effective – especially at the end when Total’s vacuum-cleaner-of-the-pit ‘Austrian Shade’ cuts off and makes way for Paula Frazer’s unironically gorgeous, retro country lament ‘Is She Lonesome Now’.” Also includes Beauty Pear, Brain Ruryk’s frenetic love/hate guitar, Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble’s “Mid-Range Phase/Link 3" Dome” (a different excerpt from the one on Induced Musical Spasticity), and Supreme Dicks. All covers are unique (pages torn from obsolete encyclopedias).