Cosmic Coincedence Control

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Claustrophobic and imposing noise layered with heavy fuzz and set at a fairly slow pace from 1992, reaching a wall-of-sound intensity. Edition of 500


Loud Sounds Dopa – Live In USA

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There’s something to be said, says Unborn Whiskey, about how Mayuko Hino, Hiroshi Hasegawa and crew “close-mic collapsed stars” and allow us to “travel inside these dead lights and see colors as the truest reflections possible.” Hand-numbered sample/1000.


Love & Noise

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“The colonizing whine of the infinitely tiny and reactionary,” says [Desperation + Noise], “… the pink fire expelled by ant synapses when they connect…, brushing harsh against its similar brothers…, and screaming … to no one in particular.” From 1996.