Instruments of Attraction (II. Sociale Hygiƫne)

(No Basement Is Deep Enough - NBIDE02) 10-inch $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

These seven steps away from social hypochondria were culled from the large body of Club Moral live recordings, along with rare compilation tracks, all dating from the 1980s. Includes twelve-page booklet (Club Moral history lesson by Jan Landuyt, archival photographs and a bunch of literary quotes).


Mit Neuen Waffen

(Trash Ritual - TRASH052) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

First recordings by Belgian industrial / experimental group, along with live documentation from Budapest, July 17, 1982, originally released on cassette (Club Moral 1983). Contains the early workings of future classics such as "Exces Kontrol," "Eating Limbs," "Lonely Weekends," etc. Connections here can be traced to V-Side, Minus Delta T, Gyuri Kozma and Janos Veto's Band. All material originally recorded onto a plain cassette deck and Sony walkman. Trash Ritual's first in as series of Club Moral archive reissues.