Bizarre Uproar / Macronympha

(Trash Ritual - TRASH048) split 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Conflicted pairing of Dominance Aggression. Bizarre Uproar's unrefined Finnish harsh noise (along the lines of the ultra-violence sessions of Liha-Evankeliumi) vs. calculated composition of electronics and raw acoustics from one of the USA's strongest, Macronympha. Two counts of assault with difference of intent. Fold-over sleeve with two double-sided color inserts.


Stolen Public Toilets

(Trash Ritual - TRASH040) LP $18.00

Thirty minutes of psychedelic harsh noise by Joe Roemer (Macronympha, One Dark Eye, OVMN) on guitar noise and effects, Ed-Um Bucholtz (Telecorps) on junk metal and electronics, and Nick Painter (Lord Bird Golden Cobra) on electronics and tape loops. Self-described as primarily electro-acoustic, Stolen Public Toilets is far more aggressive and raw than the term suggests. Limited edition of 200 copies with fold-over silk-screened cover.


Mit Neuen Waffen

(Trash Ritual - TRASH052) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

First recordings by Belgian industrial / experimental group, along with live documentation from Budapest, July 17, 1982, originally released on cassette (Club Moral 1983). Contains the early workings of future classics such as "Exces Kontrol," "Eating Limbs," "Lonely Weekends," etc. Connections here can be traced to V-Side, Minus Delta T, Gyuri Kozma and Janos Veto's Band. All material originally recorded onto a plain cassette deck and Sony walkman. Trash Ritual's first in as series of Club Moral archive reissues.


A Sound Atlas Of Venereology

(Trash Ritual - TRASH054) Used CD $13.00

The second installment of the Club Moral archive series is DDV's interpretation of Anthony Wisdom's A Colour Atlas Of Venereology (Wolfe Medical Atlases 1973). All tracks were performed on Wasp and Korg MS50 synths, and recorded at Club Moral in 1982 on a plain stereo cassette deck with no additional remixing or mastering. Samples from Andrezej Zulawski's 1981 movie Possession were used; lyrics from the Colour Atlas, "Haut Und Geschlechtskrankheiten IV," "Visites Cliniques," and "Revue de Dermatologie" are recited in DDV's typically deranged, animal-like fashion. Almost all material here was never performed live nor featured on other Club Moral related recordings in any other form. Raw and offensive, with all original materials reprinted in a sixteen-page booklet. A classic piece of industrial history.


Twist And Decease / Desinfektionsraum

(Trash Ritual - TRASH051) Used 2xCD $18.00

Post-mortem industrial hell from Il Diavalo Italiano, second only to MB in terms of psychological abuse via raw electronics, distorted voices, concrete sounds, self-assembled electronic circuits and samples of the execution and disposing of Aldo Moro, the assassination of Victor Emmanuel II, etc.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(Trash Ritual - TRASH050) Used CD $24.00 (Out-of-stock)

The long-awaited CD reissue, originally released on vinyl by Praxis Dr. Bearmann in 1995 -- one of the key foundations of the contemporary direction of noise. "Rusted Steel And Rotted Flesh" is restored to its full, uncut length (just under 45 minutes). Edition of 500 copies. "Western Pennsylvania is a graveyard. No ideas or worthwhile activities exist in this decaying nightmare of horror and stupidity. Just hatred and broken lives. The native population is an indigenous mutation of inbred sickness and mental corruption. Someday everyone and everything here will die a miserable death. That day cannot come soon enough."


They Never Learn

(Trash Ritual - TRASH039) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

Second reissue of post-mortem industrial / power electronics album from Italy’s legendary Mauthausen Orchestra. Violent sound art originally released via Aquilifer Sodality 1985. Edition of 250.


Body Scrap

(Trash Ritual - TRASH047) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Trash Ritual - TRASH047) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Harsh noise electronics from Ulex Xane (Streicher, Goldenrod, Thule Society), originally intended for release on Zero Cabal in 1999. A few promo copies were sent out packaged in hand-desecrated LP covers before the tape division closed up shop. After failed attempts at documentation, Trash Ritual comes to the rescue with this vinyl reissue. Expect the worst in the form of Pure sound wreckage, no synthesizers, no samplers and no digital / computer fuckery. Silkscreened fold-over cover with random escort service card pasted on the back (because you never know...).


Bloody Roots

(Trash Ritual - TRASH044) Used CD $9.00

Each track is built around a thick, low end / lo-fi rumble with just the smallest bit of vocal samples breaking through. Lyrics filled with hatred and self-loathing, manifesting itself in violent reactions and a vocal approach to match. Slogun's preoccupation with violent crime has been replaced by focus on self-loathing; its not about distractions anymore, it's about facing a dark, useless reality. Power electronics at its finest.



(Trash Ritual - TRASH035) LP $20.25 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded live direct-to-DAT 1994 but unreleased until now, this is the debut full-length vinyl by this perverse power-electronics unit heard previously in collaboration with Pain Jerk, on a split LP with Taint, and a variety of extremist compilation tracks. Limited edition of 250 with fold-over silk-screened cover.


Absolut Nothing

(Trash Ritual) CD $15.00

Long delayed CD debut by this Fecalove side project. Ten tracks of ugly and filthy power electronics, Italian style. Cock, self-deprecation and booze, over and over again. Includes Brainbombs and The Sodality covers, twelve-page booklet with lyrics and sexy pictures. Edition of 300.


Steel Negro Music

(Trash Ritual - TRASH049) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

The first recordings by Chris Scarpino on synth and guitar, and Scott Foust (Idea Fire Company, Anschluss, Swill Music) on guitar, bass and rhythms. Originally issued on cassette in 1982 by John Gullak's A.R.P.H. label, the majority of these recordings served as blueprints for the Network LP (Thermidor 1982), where roughly half the material was later reworked, remixed and retitled to fit more of a minimalistic dead mix. This CD reissue -- a full hour of ritualistic loops, pounding industrial rhythms, distorted guitar squeals, ominous rumblings, and desolate atmospherics that play on the chaotic nature of the sound itself -- contains the full tape in its complete unedited form, along with "Schwerpunkt" (a bonus track found on an unreleased 1980 tape performed by the original three-piece line-up), drone sessions, and "Slaughterhouse," originally released on the Sex & Bestiality tape compilation (Bain Total 1984) and on Sounds Beyond The Grave tape compilation (Sachsenhausen Industriale 1985). Additional liner notes by Foust.