Bloody Roots

(Trash Ritual - TRASH044) CD $12.00

Each track is built around a thick, low end / lo-fi rumble with just the smallest bit of vocal samples breaking through. Lyrics filled with hatred and self-loathing, manifesting itself in violent reactions and a vocal approach to match. Slogun's preoccupation with violent crime has been replaced by focus on self-loathing; its not about distractions anymore, it's about facing a dark, useless reality. Power electronics at its finest.


Glory Of Murder

(BloodLust! - B!090) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

The sixth and final release in Slogun's "History of Violence" reissue campaign was originally released on cassette (Soffitta Macabra, 1998); it was a major landmass in the evolving world of true crime subject matter. Like the five precursors in the series, it boasts ultra-violent, harsh electronics, great samples, and raging vocals.


I Will Bury You

(Peripheral - PR012) LP $20.00

(Peripheral - PR012) Used LP $14.00

Ten harsh bursts of brutal noise and monosyllabic vocal stabs, plus an extra track from John Balestreri’s darkly ambient side-project Self. With insert. Edition of 250