K2 / Constrain / Fenian

(Oxen - OXEN016) CD $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

One solo track by each artist, plus a fourth three-way collaboration. The fluid and propulsive “Sarrogate For Mass Murder” is impossible to mistake for any artist but K2, with its shuddering-soaked layers of frenzy. Constrain delivers blasts of harsh electronics and static assault textures on “Recognizable Mask.” Electronics meet glass smash on Fenian’s “Phenomenology,” where unrepentant harsh noise careens across multiple lanes of blacktop. The brain-bending collaboration track “Spreading Particles Go Smokey” overflows with petulant dissonance and repeated lightning strikes of shuddering rubble blasts. A pristine surge assault of cut-up harsh noise protocol.


Mutual Transgressions b/w Solitary Solace

(Oxen - OXEN011) 7-inch $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Wrong Hole’s Nial Morgan slashes paths through forests of electro-tape destruction with sleep-deprived swagger with “Mutual Transgressions.” his compositional prowess is on rare and inspiring form throughout Mutual Transgressions’ specifically obtuse personal narrative. On the flip, the equally malicious and unhinged “Solitary Solace” by Contrain’s Kevin McEleny ladders to a crushing apex of sublime cacophony. Edition of 100


Rapid Decline

(Angry Island) CD + cassette $13.50

Kevin McEleney and Matt Purse aggregate their respective harsh noise incarnations for five tracks of up-close Airbus-fuselage impact disintegration and junk-sprung mutilated harsh noise. The cassette is a split c20, with Constrain’s “The Other Side of Hell” on one side, and Fenian’s “The Last Remains of Papal Superstition” on the other.


The Boundary

(Oxen - OXEN022) Cassette $5.25 (Out-of-stock)

Perpetually chaotic compositions from the master of assault expression. Anxious, frenetic, harsh noise cut-up supremacy. C15