Death Happening

(Turgid Animal) 7-inch $7.50

Expertly done psychedelic harsh noise from Finland. "Surprisingly chaotic and [discordant]," say our colleagues at Freak Animal. "Layers of reversed sounds create demonic roaring noise, which isn't harsh, but very far from relaxing.... Other side is [typical] Haare with eerie guitar drones and lots of layers." Edition of 200.


Madon Evankeliumi

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR091) CD $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Total swirling psychedelia, heavy shifting tides of drone with evil organ lines permeating the noise, self-described as "a slow, heavy bell.” Based on source sounds provided by Olly Pearson, Chris Chantler and Dom Finbow. Edition of 500 in foldover wallet and PVC sleeve. Art by Andrew Labanaris (Electric Wizard and MOSS).