Ghast / Abandoner

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR079) split CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Ghast: tortured, slow black doom. Abandoner: sparse, post-industrial noise landscapes by members of Unearthy Trance.


The Austrasian Goat / Afflictis Lentae

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR047) split 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

One track each of machine-gun, blasting, old school black metal. First in a series of split 7s.



(At War With False Noise - ATWAR029) CD $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Reissue of demo from this Belgian primitive black metal / doom band. One haunting, brutally lo-fi track. Black-on-black silkscreened covers.


De Speenzalvinge

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR081) CD $14.50 (Out-of-stock)

First full-length. Three tracks of brutal, driving blackened sludge doom.


Almost Dead

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR076) 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Aunt Mary's most recent record was a split seven-inch with Man Is The Bastard in 1992. Their total noisecore combines very basic drum beats (resembling pipes banged on a couple of industrial tanks), feedback, wailing guitar, and brutal vocals, all utterly maxed-out. Not too dissimilar to early AxCx. Edition of 300. Full-color sleeve.


The Austrasian Goat / Chambre Froide

(At War With False Noise) split 7-inch $7.75 (Out-of-stock)

The second in the Austrasian Goat split seven-inch series delivers more funeral doom from the home town team, totally desperate stuff. Chambre Froide is Darkthrones-style raw black metal. Crusty, filthy.


Technology 1 & 2

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR048) 2xCD $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

First in a series of early recordings by one of the noise originators. More ambient than some of his legendary work, with strange machine beeps and mechanical sounds.


Computers S.P.A. / Com.SA

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR077) 2xCD $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

The second in At War’s series of CD reissues of early tapes by noise legend MB features very primitive use of synthesizer, tape loops and tape manipulation. Lo-fi, otherwordly. Edition of 500.



(At War With False Noise - ATWAR037) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

First vinyl release from the UK's heaviest band. Pummeling doom / post-industrial metal in the vein of Godflesh, early Swans, etc.


Code Black / First and Only

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR063) split 7-inch $7.75 (Out-of-stock)

Black Sun are still as heavy as their Paralyser LP but this rager's much more in the short, fast and loud vein. They Are Cowards play focused, grim, Northern waste-inspired misery, building from a massive Celtic Frost-esque riff. Beastly.


Blue Sabbath Black Fiji

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR078) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

This record translates the French/German Glasgow-based duo’s contagious live sets perfectly, where overdriven guitar scree, feedback, heavily-effected vocal distortion and brain-pummeling drum machine are all at the forefront. Within a mostly noise free-for-all, a moment of cohesion pops in -- a great groove, possibly the most head-nodding noise release on the label. Edition of 300. Screen-printed sleeves.


Bonesaw / Lobotomized

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR089) split 7-inch $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Bonesaw's old-school death metal is fast and raw, with sludgy slow parts and horrible vocals. Lobotomized offer two tracks of punky death metal, similar to Abscess or maybe even newer Darkthrone. Heavy vinyl with full-color insert. Edition of 350.


Dedicated To Soledad Miranda

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR043) split CD $14.00 (Out-of-stock)

One massive, long and heavy dense drone track from Skullflower man Culver, and two tracks from Seppuku, famed for their antagonistic live shows (an ultra-heavy doom track and a power electronics attack).


By The Malice Of The Evil... Death Comes! Vol 1

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR094) split CD $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

Three young Finnish sludge bands who take their cues from Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Grief and, of course, Black Sabbath, putting their own spin on heavy, feedback-laden and bluesy dirges. Edition of 500.


Hey Collosus / Field Boss

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR068) split 7-inch $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Hey Collosus batters into submission a slo-mo cover of Andre Williams's "Jailbait" with their trademark downbeat dirge. Field Boss (formerly known as Tractor) have the AmRep sound down to an absolute tee --really thick guitars; monotonous, hollowed-out drums; and in-the-red vocals pushed down in the mix. Three-panel screen-printed cover, metallic ink. Edition of 300.


The Illusion Of Movement

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR101) CD $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

Dense, suffocatingly heavy drone noise from the UK, second only to Culver. Sound-in-a-vacuum stasis and churning, crunching, collapsing-building noise with a foreboding, horror-movie atmosphere. Edition of 500.



(At War With False Noise - ATWAR090) CD $14.00 (Out-of-stock)

CD reissue of classic avant-sludge, the only recording Gruel made. Like The Melvins playing King Crimson's Red album, this is theatrical, beautifully composed, and troglodyte heavy. Four 15-minute, utterly immersive songs, with quiet, atmospheric passages getting shattered by barrages of repetitious riffing. Edition of 500 in a stickered PVC sleeve, with the disc wrapped in a big double-sided, full-color poster.


The Guilt Of...

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR074) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

The debut full-length from Mike Williams (Eyehategod, Arson Anthem) and Ryan McKern (Wolvhammer) builds upon Williams's narratives created for his metal and punk incarnations, and seen in his book Cancer as a Social Activity. Partnered with McKern's instrumental expertise and his own wide range of tastes, Williams spews thought-provoking, Manson-obsessed, Burroughsian cut-up writings. Edition of 500. Purple vinyl.


Madon Evankeliumi

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR091) CD $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Total swirling psychedelia, heavy shifting tides of drone with evil organ lines permeating the noise, self-described as "a slow, heavy bell.” Based on source sounds provided by Olly Pearson, Chris Chantler and Dom Finbow. Edition of 500 in foldover wallet and PVC sleeve. Art by Andrew Labanaris (Electric Wizard and MOSS).



(At War With False Noise - ATWAR041) CD $14.00 (Out-of-stock)

Beyond-heavy necro-doom from France in the vein of Burning Witch, Corrupted, Thorr's Hammers. etc, but ten times slower and heavier. Comes in a six-panel digipak.



(At War With False Noise - ATWAR051) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded in 2001 but unreleased until now due to controversial content, this is not the noise Haters but a brutal hardcore band, one of the most brutal ever put to tape, formed after Voorhees split up. Artwork by Richard Rupenus of The New Blockaders.


Five Years of Fuck All

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR021) CD $10.50 (Out-of-stock)

Rare recordings, covers and out-of-print stuff from post-drone heavyweights. Approved by Julian Cope. Packaging by Thumbprint Press.


Noma / Rejectamenta

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR052) split CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two long tracks of minimal drone (achieved by running household appliances through guitar pick ups) from Noma, and one of full-on bizarre electronics from Rejecta. How do they do it? Circuit bent instruments and toys, horribly detuned guitars, feedback, and occasional outbursts of throat. Duh.


Maximum Rock

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR092) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Grind maniacs Total Fucking Destruction playing a fusion of early ’90s-style thrash and classic rock, with Megadan Tumelo on vocals. Catchy riffs, tight-as-fuck drumming by Brutal Truth’s Rich Hoak, sing-a-long heavy metal choruses, beefy production. Covers include Tull’s "Fat Man," a refreshingly non-obvious Sabbath cover in "Rock And Roll Doctor," and a thrash re-imagining of CSN's "Almost Cut My Hair.” Rise, hessian, rise.


Mike Page

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR042) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Solo album by Fire In The Head / Slogun / Sky Burial man. Really heavy-duty, powerful, bordering on psychedelic noise. Very brutal.


The Undead Shall Rise

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR046) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Funeral doom concept album based on a zombie attack. Very slow and heavy music interspersed with spoken word, noise and drones. Comes with a blood-soaked “last note.”


Take The Curse

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR072) 2xLP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

The second full-length from these masters of psychedelic horror doom is focused, direct, tighter and less sprawling than previous efforts. It's all about the riffs. Each song is lysergic foulness, arranged for immediacy with '70s Hammer / Euro cine vibe throughout. Gatefold diecut jacket with metallic ink and spot UV varnish, printed heavy innersleeve, 10 x10 insert, 180g vinyl. Edition of 400.



(At War With False Noise - ATWAR038) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Debut album of heavy power electronics in the vein of Bloodyminded, Slogun, etc.


They Sang and Chanted For Hours, Then The Locked in Hundreds Set Themselves Ablaze

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR093) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Four tracks of the heavy, slow, despairing sludge recorded in 2004, before this doom band from the UK fell apart. Members were in (or went on to be in) Hard To Swallow, Charger, Gruel, Narcosis, Like A Kind Of Matador and They Are Cowards. Edition of 500.


Creation and Space

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR026) Used LP $16.00

Second full-length and first on vinyl from highly acclaimed power electronics / noise / drone powerhouse. Nice silkscreen packaging in heavy-duty sleeves.


A Whole Other World of Fun

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR018) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Known for split records with bands such as Corrupted, Grief, Floor, Upsidedown Cross, Noothgrush, Ohio's Sloth have been creating some of the most fucked up, weird, funny music from the past ten years. The painful sludge noise is still here, but on this their first ever CD full-length, there's an altogether more considered approach. It's got piano on it, for fuck's sake. Sloth's weird, lo-fi songs sound like they were written by a fucked up kid, but then there are garage rock high-end jams and tarpit slo-mo doom dirges. Bizarre and hilarious as ever.


Licked Inch Fur

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR098) LP $18.25 (Out-of-stock)

“Four raucous, head-fucking songs of primo grade sludged-out pummel,” says Cvlt Nation admiringly, “Down-tuned, gritty guitars, yelled vocals, and a super tight rhythm section…. [The] slow ’n’ low menacing vibe [of “Wake Down”] continues onto side two with “Piggie” coming on like a hungover Unsane. Another slow burner til it jacks up the pace and intensity half way through and throbs along like the worst migraine ever. Jukka’s pained vocals add to the whole bad vibe perfectly. Closer “Poolpisser” brings things to a grinding halt with more brutal riffing over that clinically precise drum and bass duo, adding extra noise and feedback towards the end to completely destroy what’s left of your hearing.”


Viva Negativa! A Tribute To The New Blockaders, Volume I

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR064) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

The first of three or four CDs compiling and expanding upon the original Vinyl-on-Demand tribute. Tracks from VoD's vinyl boxes plus a fair swag of new ones. Nocturnal Emissions, Smell & Quim, Dieter Muh, Putrefier, srmeixner, Cheapmachines, Evil Moisture, Ashtray Navigations, Jazzfinger, Mutant Ape, Anomali, Halalchemists (incl. members of Skullflower, Culver, Snotnosed, Romance & Marzuraan). Edition of 500. Twelve-page full-color booklet.


Primitive Arts

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR069) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Dark fusion of Siousxie And The Banshees, Killing joke and Ramleh. A loud, repetitive racket.



(At War With False Noise - ATWAR050) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

First full CD of brutal harsh noise wall. No dynamics, no change, no music, no entertainment, only wall.


l’Homme Saturé

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR034) Used LP $30.00

Unbelievably heavy stuff, total claustrophobia and depressive nihilistic purity. A landmark in harsh noise wall. Edition of 300. Paste-on jacket.


Modern Heterosexuality

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR035) LP (one-sided) $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Old-school sparse power electronics by Portland upstarts in the vein of mid-period Sutcliffe Jugend. Paste-on jacket


The Grey Emperor

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR055) CD $12.50 (Out-of-stock)

Wraiths are the wretched sound of the plague-ridden, the unclean and the befouled. Wraiths are the dead in their lime-pits and the dying in their beds. Wraiths are the horror of infection. Wraiths exclusively utilize found and re-structured equipment, location acoustics and human vocals. No computers or synthesizers are used in any Wraiths recording or live event. All Wraiths releases are recorded live and improvised, under ritual conditions. One hour-long track. Limited to 500 copies. In a wax-sealed cardstock jacket (approx. size of a DVD package).


Eternal Darkness

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR022) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Demos by French sub-underground bedroom black metal weirdo. Out of time, badly recorded, fucking amazing.