L'Homme Saturé

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR034) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Unbelievably heavy stuff, total claustrophobia and depressive nihilistic purity. A landmark in harsh noise wall. Edition of 300. Paste-on jacket.


Musique de l’Indifférence

(Peripheral) LP + CD $22.00

One continuous track of battering, unmoving and crude walled noise, spread across side one of the LP at 33rpm, then the CD, then the second side of the LP at 45rpm. Simultaneous play is also encouraged. Artwork by Strom_Varx. Edition of 350.



(At War With False Noise - ATWAR050) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

First full CD of brutal harsh noise wall. No dynamics, no change, no music, no entertainment, only wall.



(Either/Or - EOR001) 7-inch $9.50

Two sides of total and obliterating nothingness. Play in isolation. Handmade sleeve, two card inserts.