Licked Inch Fur

(At War With False Noise - ATWAR098) LP $18.25 (Out-of-stock)

“Four raucous, head-fucking songs of primo grade sludged-out pummel,” says Cvlt Nation admiringly, “Down-tuned, gritty guitars, yelled vocals, and a super tight rhythm section…. [The] slow ’n’ low menacing vibe [of “Wake Down”] continues onto side two with “Piggie” coming on like a hungover Unsane. Another slow burner til it jacks up the pace and intensity half way through and throbs along like the worst migraine ever. Jukka’s pained vocals add to the whole bad vibe perfectly. Closer “Poolpisser” brings things to a grinding halt with more brutal riffing over that clinically precise drum and bass duo, adding extra noise and feedback towards the end to completely destroy what’s left of your hearing.”