Montezuma Baby Duck

(Siltbreeze - SB36) LP $12.00

Backed by Hard Black Thing on one side (Mike Rep on percussion, Stu Sinn on horn – played in the key of X, he says -- and Roger Time on lead guitar), the one-time Woodruff Ave. block captain, now mayor of a small unnamed hamlet near Savannah, Georgia, stumbles across a white-knuckled barrel ride through myriad soundscapes as diverse as Amon Duul, Kalacakra, Portsmouth Sinfonia, Steve Marcus and Door & The Window. The other side has two tracks from Esh's Jack Of Diamonds cassette and excerpts from his unreleased comedy album, comparable to the likes of Tubby Boots channeling Jack Mudurian at a volunteer fire department turkey raffle. A down’n’dirty steel string strum and coarse vocal hum reduces even the most erudite Alan Lomax sycophant to nothing more than a human tear box lost in Porch Swing, USA. Label art by Graham Lambkin.