Gone Aiwa

(Siltbreeze - SB150) LP $16.00

Together for a short period in 1983, Above Ground was a fleeting yet crucial component in early ’80s Christchurch DIY. Bill Direen (Vacuum, Bilders), Carol Direen, Maryrose Crook (Max Block, Renderers) and Stuart Page (Axemen) combined a detached Velvet Underground vibe, a smattering of early Modern Lovers keyboard angst, and some kind of Sky Saxon / Seeds psychedelic mojo. Originally a made-to-order cassette, Gone Aiwa was no stranger to the shelves at various NZ shops and tables at the occasional gig; other than two tracks ("To Kill A Bat" and "Gray Goose") that saw the light of day on The Bilders' retrospective Max Quitz CD (Flying Nun 1993), it's a near-certainty that everything here in previously unheard by little ol' you. Includes download card.


Use Copenhagen 69 Guitars & Park Drive Circular Effects Pedals Exclusively

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Solo guitar effectery by Phil Todd (Inca Eyeball, Target Shoppers, Ceramic Hobs). Overdub upon overdub of acidic, vibrating good-sound that should surely complement the eye lids at a comfortable half mast, especially on the synth-drenched side-long “Phaser Like a Block of Salt.” Numbingly electric. Edition of 500. Sealed


Three Virgins

(Siltbreeze - SB122-SB123) 2xLP $17.50 (Out-of-stock)

Setting up shop in Christchurch's State Trinity Centre over Easter holidays 1985, The Axemen went to work recording every sound and second that could be captured during the legendary lost weekend. Fueled by enhanced adrenalin (Tiger Blood) and super human zeal (Adonis DNA), The Axemen chewed up dozens of reels of tape, assaulting all those who entered the erstwhile ecclesiastical chamber with a barrage of splendiferous blabber 'n' croak. The resultant eighty-eight minutes sound like a mutant hybrid channeling of Trout Mask Replica, Exile On Main Street and Tago Mago. Includes free download card.


Big Cheap Motel

(Siltbreeze - SB115) LP $13.00

The first of Siltbreeze's Axemen reissues is the trio's difficult third album from 1983. Rarely heard outside the Southern Hemisphere, this montage of rough-and-ready live performances and Peterboro Studio recordings teeters on the precipice of chaotic genius alongside such stalwarts as Alternative TV / Hear & Now's What You See Is What You Are and 1/2 Japanese's Loud. With a reproduction of original insert and original cover design. Edition of 500.


Scary! Part III

(Siltbreeze - SB119-SB120) 2xLP $17.50

The second of Siltbreeze's Axemen reissue series, Scary! Part III originally saw light as a cassette-only release in 1989. Unlike the hyper-punk-charged Big Cheap Motel, Scary! operates from a gestalt concept and sensibility. While on the surface the contents might sound fragmented, ruminative, or obfuscatory, dig deeper (or listen better) and you'll see (and hear) the mystifying ooze lactating out of the four sides not as individual, insurmountable constructs of bizarreness, but as a coherent pattern of brilliant phenomena. Novice ears that have made it though this Bunyanesque giant find themselves making comparisons to a mixture of S.Y.P.H., Royal Trux, and Ptose.


Three Christs of Ypsilanti

(Siltbreeze - SB131) LP + 3-inch CDR $15.00

The first post-BUFMS-boxset disgorgement of ramshackle outsider clatter and howl from one of California’s many rural nowheres exposes previously hidden, 25-year-old whack-off (à la Smegma and other bent LAFMS trippers, the UK’s A Band, 5 Starcle Men, Yximalloo, Gastric Female Reflex, Id M Theft Able, and the sort of visionaries currently promoted by labels such as Chocolate Monk and Beniffer Editions). The murky “Take It Out And Kill It” whirls around in conflicting directions in a manner one critic long ago described as “schizophrenic muzak.” “Dark Surprise,” a 1986 recording from the crossroads of DIY autism and darkened psychedelia, is previously unreleased (the first playback of the master tape didn’t happen until 2008). In contrast to the group’s usual embrace of any and all kitchen sinks in the immediate vicinity, this recording was made solely with electric guitars, voice and prerecorded audio frottage. Book-ending both sides are excerpts from an after-hours, no-audience, guerrilla action recorded in a multistory, split-level university student union, using hurled cafeteria cutlery, defective boomboxes and answering machines blaring prerecorded tape, the public piano, and a variety of unidentified flailing objects. “[As] secretive as a posse’ve Masons bidding in a goat auction … a weird , befuddlin storm comin’ outta the night … tryin’ to charm you into the muddy arms of the undertow.” –Roland Woodbe, Siltblog NOTE: Copies of this LP purchased here include a 3-inch CDR of previously unreleased bonus tracks.


The C&B

(Siltbreeze - SB132) 7-inch $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

The C&B is short for The Cat & Bells Club, a brief 1991 precursor to The Shadow Ring (whose early recordings fuse equal parts Tyrannosaurus Rex’s mystical recitations with Throbbing Gristle’s aural idolatry). The C&B seem divinely born out of the sputtering taps of brown ale that flowed freely down the gullets of various first-generation DIY shufflers, most notably 49 Americans or Door And The Window. And while this is just dumb luck, there's no denying a genus, unintentional as it may be. The templates for the ruminative, droll and original wordsmithing, not to mention the threadbare musical accompaniment, that would soon become the hallmark for The Shadow Ring sound are now available for the first time ever. Four tracks, 300 pressed. Original artwork by Graham Lambkin.



(Siltbreeze) Used LP $50.00 (Out-of-stock)

Tom and Christina Carter’s 1995 debut album opens with “Florian” — 11+ minutes of “shimmering, gentle waves of distorted guitar that warrants use of the word ‘transcendent’. A brief reprise of the same song completes this Union. In between you’ll find original indie-folk perfect for watching dust motes drifting across a sunny room, curtains curling near an open window, the cat licking its paws. Time doesn’t so much stand still as it ceases to be relevant while the tone arm eases its way across this lovely artifact.” Jacket is silkscreened, hand-painted, and has a paste-on photo.


Market Square

(Siltbreeze) Used 2xLP $40.00

This lumbering beast from 1995 begins with a harrowing message left on the Carters’ answering machine from a guy threatening to kill himself if someone didn’t pick up the phone. There are some gentle moments here too, but overall it’s an emotionally draining, uneasy, and frightening ninety.


Chicken Shit

(Siltbreeze - SB133) 7-inch $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

This debut vinyl from Kyle and Mike (two-thirds of FNU Ronnies, with a drum machine) follows a cassette on Fan Death and a track on Skulls Without Borders 10-inch (Siltbreeze 2009). Prime Euro movers such as early Dieter Meier and Geisterfahrer come to mind as reference points, not to mention the vibe of early Amphetamine Reptile (Halo of Flies' "Insecticide Stomp," in particular). Edition of 400 copies.


Down, Willow

(Siltbreeze) LP $16.00

Paul Bonnet and Nathan Roche’s third long-player for Siltbreeze hones in with a top gloss of new and proto-experimental, post-punk, recitation vibe. This fusion of The Fall’s Grotesque and Morton Subotnick’s Sidewinder into a sole entity yields lots of sparks, flash fires, smoke of all colors and bickering, but from this vantage, what a light show! There’s even some shredding on here that sounds like they may have lit this fucker with Martin Kippenberger’s copy of Guitar Hero.



(Siltbreeze) LP $16.00

One the second vinyl outing from Nathan Roche and Paul Bonnet for Siltbreeze, vocal recitation and percolating electronics are honed to perfection, moving them beyond whatever references were made in the past, now comparable it to that giant Zardoz head flying around the French countryside, drolly enunciating dystopian affirmations, predicting the future, rewriting the past, ordering off-menu, spitting a rain of Aperol, Pernod and Gitanes to their brutish followers below. Basically free drinks and smokes. What’s not to follow? You can Cabaret Voltaire this or Shadow Ring that all you want, but Dust puts CIA Debutante in the catbird seat.


The Landlord

(Siltbreeze) LP $16.00

This expat duo from France have been murking the waters of the cassette underground for the latter part of a decade. With its peaks and percolations like a sci-fi absinthe of future past, their debut vinyl release is most succinctly described as a cross between the Shadow Ring and Cabaret Voltaire. Edition of 250.


Bruise Constellation

(Siltbreeze - SB140) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Royal Trux rocked 'n' cocked it through the '90s, and at the beginning of the 21st Century's second decade, Circle Pit saunter into the boozy sway with a debut seemingly born out of the tar and tobacco of Nellcôte / Exile on Main Street-session blooze. Their torn and frayed sound oozes raw talent possessed of uncanny sensual / sexual osmosis. It's the Summer of '72 all over again (again).


Major Works

(Siltbreeze) LP $17.00

Formed a couple years back around the nucleus of Austen McMillian, Matthew Plunkett (ex-Trendees), and Lisa Preston (Nux Vomica, The Portage), Cuticles chew through the 18 tracks here with abandon. Someone just yelled out from the tree next door, “Sounds like the Pastels! With guns!” One could make a case for the South Island Sound coursing through their veins (they’re from Oamaru, about 80 miles north of Dunedin, after all), for the sheer abandon-pop that gushes out of these grooves, but you can’t ignore a mutant strain of Shoe This High meets The Swingers either. Plus, when bathing in hyper-mesmerizing aural swirls, no one can hear you answer wrong.


Harsh 70s Reality

(Siltbreeze - SB1112) 2xLP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Originally released in April 1992, Harsh 70s Reality conspired with Twin Infinitives and Lake to slaughter rock music in its sleep with a tremendous grinding thud. Described by one freelance poet as "a garbage truck backing over the abyss," this reissue is remastered with no editing, compression, equalization or normalization. Gatefold jacket, free download card. Edition of 1000.


White House

(Siltbreeze - SB40) CD $10.00

“The off-kilter tones and noises on ‘The New Snow’ sound a bit like Perry and Kingsley going nuts, at least here and there,” observes our sous chef at All Music Guide, “While the usual noise, fuzz and detuned strangeness skips around the mix. Then there’s the minute-long ‘Aime To Prochain Comme Toi Meme’, which could be anything from minimal guitars to kalimba…. [T]he majestic ‘Bitcher,’ with a just-epic enough swoop to it, [sticks] to a big and bold sound along with some heavy-duty flanging throughout on the lead guitar….” The album concludes “with one of the band’s best ever songs — the steady, addictively paced, surging ‘Outside’.”


Operation of the Sonne

(Siltbreeze - SB30) LP $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

Suites of corrosive feedback and swaying slow-motion rhythm. Beginning with a collage of overdriven synth improvisation and pulsating sine waves, concluding with the interlocked guitars of Messrs Russell and Morley wavering feedback tendrils that float over Mr. Yeats’s rhythm network. Originally released in 1993.



(Siltbreeze - SB42) 7-inch $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

From 1995.


Great Explorers

(Siltbreeze - SB137) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

RELEASE DATE AUGUST 24th. Hailing from Cambridge, England, The Doozer shares a vocal resonance with Syd Barrett, as well as a knack for cobbling together occasional found-tape narration with string-strum and hypnotic percussive plonk not unlike The Shadow Ring. The gin doesn't come much pinker than this. Edition of 500.


Sick To Death

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $10.00

Mashed together trashy art-punk, weirdo fuzz-garage, skuzzy punk-pop, Kiwi garage-rock and off-kilter bedroom-strum. Sealed


Montezuma Baby Duck

(Siltbreeze - SB36) LP $12.00

Backed by Hard Black Thing on one side (Mike Rep on percussion, Stu Sinn on horn – played in the key of X, he says -- and Roger Time on lead guitar), the one-time Woodruff Ave. block captain, now mayor of a small unnamed hamlet near Savannah, Georgia, stumbles across a white-knuckled barrel ride through myriad soundscapes as diverse as Amon Duul, Kalacakra, Portsmouth Sinfonia, Steve Marcus and Door & The Window. The other side has two tracks from Esh's Jack Of Diamonds cassette and excerpts from his unreleased comedy album, comparable to the likes of Tubby Boots channeling Jack Mudurian at a volunteer fire department turkey raffle. A down’n’dirty steel string strum and coarse vocal hum reduces even the most erudite Alan Lomax sycophant to nothing more than a human tear box lost in Porch Swing, USA. Label art by Graham Lambkin.


Fabulous Diamonds II

(Siltbreeze - SB135) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

On this continuation of the lush and mesmerizing electro / percussive landscapes explored on their self-titled debut LP (Siltbreeze 2008), Jarrod Zlatic and Nisa Venerosa spark lots of musical embers: dub, trance, house, ambient, minimalist, hints of Suicide and Terry Riley and basically everything from Silver Apples to Silver Apples of the Moon. Includes MP3 download coupon.


Fabulous Diamonds

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Borne out of a tradition that lies somewhere between classic dub, experimentalism and post punk,” says Eliza Sarlos of Mess + Noise, “Fabulous Diamonds’ style ... and substance … come together in a hypnotic frenzy. Assembled amid high levels of delay, Nisa Venerosa and Jarrod Zlatic create a truly bewildering mix…, the hit you’ve been waiting for throughout this post post-punk melee we live in. Fabulous Diamonds present a world drenched in discordant jams stemming from a parallel universe of sonic intensity, one that picks up on the heritage embedded in post-punk, but recreates rather than rehashes the influence.” Sealed


Alien Native

(Siltbreeze - SB87) LP $15.00

Originally self-released as a CDR in 2004, this 2007 reissue burrows deep in the mystery and menace of the nascent gnarl of experimental art rock. A great swab of past-sounding electro-junkoid rumble absorbed into the mind and matter of present day pre-analog excavators. Silkscreened jacket.


Instant Pop Expressionism Now!

(Siltbreeze) LP $20.00

If the names Amber Sermeno, Andy Jordan and Stanley Martinez sound familiar, it’s because they’re in practically every band that matters from the SF / Bay Area — Non Plus Temps, Children Maybe Later, and Naked Roommate. Following a self-released cassette that sewed the seed, Famous Mammals’ first full-length vinyl effort is a fully pollinated, blossoming orchard of hybridized postpunk that seemingly harkens back to the halcyon days when Rough Trade called 202 Kensington Park Road home. This ultramodern polyglot of smatterings sounds familiar, but can’t quite be placed. Swell Maps? Happy Refugees? Monochrome Set? Maybe. Kinda. It’s in the stitching, but the design and thrust is all Famous Mammals.


Pure & Disinterested

(Siltbreeze - SB149) LP $16.00

In the musty shadows of Philly, Far-Out Fangtooth mixes early Cramps swamp / garage blackout with nascent Bauhaus post-punk / quasi-goth bleakness, while giving periodic uncanny nods to the witchy, ethereal leather glam of first-generation Blue Öyster Cult. Edition of 500. Includes free download card.


Pure And Disinterested

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $8.00

Existing in the musty shadows of the Philly scene, Far-Out Fangtooth have built a most unique foundation of sound, mixing early Cramps swamp / garage blackout, nascent Bauhaus post-punk / quasi-goth bleakness, as well as an uncanny nod to the witchy, ethereal leather glam of first-generation Blue Öyster Cult.



(Siltbreeze - SB136) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Galbraith's Morse LP (Siltbreeze 1993) followed traditional avenues of rugged folk narrative tinged with psychedelic foxing, while Mass is an unchartered, one-way trip through a world of ritual. Broken guitars, percussive loops, backwards tracking, homemade glass harmonium, lullabies, bagpipe thievery and the odd bit of fighting talk are just some of the many bricks laid here, with Galbraith himself as the mortar and Amiel Balester, Michael Kohler and David Kilgour providing assistance here and there. Includes MP3 download coupon. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST 0F 2010


Neck Pillow

(Siltbreeze) LP $20.00

At a marathon four-day recording session at Safe At Home in Long Beach, California in April 2022, Barbara Manning played lapsteel, glass table top, metal grating, conga drums, guitar and trombone-kazoo. Seymour spent a few minutes extracting smooth oompah-loompah from a Lowrey organ, and running his noise boinger through a GT-1. Field recordings aplenty were captured, including Ptolemy eating lettuce and Dan Vargas assembling a swinging loveseat. Tongs, spatulas, and knives were played by Tom Lax, his second appearance at a Glands recording session on his chosen axes. As an added bonus there are not one but two guest vocalists on The Spandau Ballet Medley. Everyone present was under the influence of Woody Guthrie novelty tunes, a documentary about Brisbane punk, Diamond Jim Brady’s eating habits, The Art of Walking, THUMS Islands, pure eucalyptus honey, and the side-long track on We Shoot For The Moon. Early reports that “Everything sounds like Tusk outtakes” have proved to be accurate AF. Whether this makes you feel like Bugs Bunny floating through the air nose first, following an aroma toward the witch’s cauldron, or like doing an Exorcist-style crab-walk, you are not alone. Larry Tate is by your side.


Hall Of Fame

(Siltbreeze) Used CD $3.00

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $6.00

A melange of tribal thump, eastern drone, raga concrète and melodious melancholia from 2000 by Samara Lubelski, Dan Brown, and Theo Angel.


Refuge In Genre

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $3.00

A decidedly meaner, sharper, and more pummeling affair than their critically acclaimed debut, Hank IV’s second album sports eleven songs in 30 scorched-earth minutes. From 2008. Sealed with DL


What Was Music?

(Siltbreeze - SB60) CD $10.00

Lo-fi and off-the-cuff. The explosive spirit of free jazz applied to post-punk experimental aesthetics. Gloriously primitive highbrow hoot by one of the greatest duos of all time.


Ride A Dove

(Siltbreeze - SB50) CD $10.00

Behold the awesome splatter in all its raw disregard. You may rightly wonder what you have done to deserve such thrills as will be bestowed upon skull once Harry Pussy’s guitar-drums-shriek begins its inward seepage. Something wonderful, no doubt.


Daylight Moon

(Siltbreeze - SB183) LP $15.00

The first outing by this some-time member of Maher Shalal Hash Baz since his debut Drowning In The Sky (Org, 1999). His roots, style and fluidity harken back to the Kichijoji Minor days of late seventies Tokyo underground. For fans of Kousokuya, Hallelujahs, PSF, Org.


Look Forward to Nothing

(Siltbreeze - SB143) LP $16.00

The adroit cacophony of Kitchen’s Floor recalls the former glory of past Aussie noise / punk gnashers such as Rejex and Feedtime with such élan that one suspects Toohey’s Sheaf courses through their veins. New drummer Joe Alexander (Per Purpose) gives Kitchen’s Floor a more thunderous drive, with the results sounding not unlike a cage match between (the Australian) X and The Gordons. Includes free download card.


Midori Mushi San Connichiwa

(Siltbreeze - sb134) 7-inch $7.00

Five tracks informed by old-school Japanese genre snuffers such as Tako and Gunjogacrayon, combining the jabbering, pan-humanoid out-there-ness of the former with the zoned, riffed, mutant indifference of the latter. Tacked on to this toxic, dripping blotter of sound is an eerie cover snippet stabbing the heart of every campfire singalong and folksy hootenanny through time immemorial. Edition of 286.


Rabbi Sky

(Siltbreeze) Used CD $10.00

Listening to the opener, the title track executed in five movements, one is cast headlong into a minimalist menagerie; the bracing, string-tingling beginning segues into a hypnotizing, ecclesiastical chord organ drone, resurrecting into a tremendous cut-and-paste finale of looped and overdubbed guitar that whirls around in the air performing a lascivious, improvisational fandango. On the other hand, “All Blues” (dedicated to both James McNew and Phill Niblock) is pure aggro-muzz that takes on an almost anthemic persona — a 10-plus-minute battle royale of MXR Blue Box fuzz and feedback carnage that sounds like a chimney full of hornets fornicating on the first day of mating season.


Know Your Lloyd Pack

(Siltbreeze - SB146) 7-inch $2.50

“Captain’s log, Stardate 10.3.12: The Lloyd Pack EP is finally realized. We had picked up a distress signal some weeks back, the call letters unclear, but seemingly emitted from a slow and hostile planet known only as URP. The data transcribed mentioned project (Lloyd Pack), title, (Know Your Lloyd Pack), participants (Russell Walker, Letha Rodman Melchior, Dan Melchior) and facilitator (Siltbreeze). Upon listening to contents, our forward team —eager but without much depth — quickly attempted a single comparison to former Siltbreeze inhabitants, The Shadow Ring regarding sound and style. However, Chief Science Officer Roland Woodbe dismissed this as naive and noted the possibility of an Excalbian conspiracy in such a hasty summation. Woodbe elaborated a deeper analogy, finding in his historical dissection hints to century-old former galactic explorers such as Collective Horizontal, 49 Americans, and No Half Measures (for example). When presented with the compositions of Lloyd Pack, I found CSO Woodbe’s comprehension to be most evolved. That said, Know Your Lloyd Pack occupies its own unique aural atmosphere, too, with drollery of the highest Anglo-Saxon order, and ambience as crisp as a Gloustershire perry. Overall, I find its essence most logical.” — Tiberius Surak, Starfleet Commander


Love Is So Fast

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $3.00

Exact details on the origins of The Love Is So Fast are vague; essentially, it was a project created by Danyhell and Estrella (currently in Los Llamarada) intended to flesh out bedroom improvisations and act as an inner search for a sense of skeletal (pop) structure amid the morass of postmodern rock effluvium. Performed live and recorded in one take, the five hazy, languorous tracks certainly charge the ions with positive, crystalline zip, creating an electron hole that sounds like alien transmissions from a long-ago Mars. Not the band, friend, the planet! Fans of the debut LP by Los Llamarada will be downright giddy with the Precambrian narco-menace that comes carbonating off The Love Is So Fast’s archival recordings. Or, as the band says themselves: “This is the music we dreamed of but couldn’t play.” Grab the peyote, I think I’m Frida Kahlo.


The Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda

(Siltbreeze) Used CD $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

The first authorized collection of work to appear by this pure’60s free spirit, percussionist, poet, and founding member of the Velvet Underground. Includes the forty-five minute “St. Mark’s Epiphany,” and the complete version of “The Joyous Lake” heard here for the first time, and more.


Brain Damage In Oklahoma City

(Siltbreeze) CD $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

The second installment in the Siltbreeze / Quakebasket series of music by poet / mystic / shaman Angus MacLise. Culled from the archives of Mr. Tony Conrad, this volume (covering the years 1967-'70) highlights MacLise's unique and intricate drumming style. Cembalum, bongos, hand drum, barrel congas -- all are majestically thumped 'n' bumped for maximum orgasmic sensory satisfaction. Comprised of eight tracks, the acme of this collection is a pair of large ensemble pieces, "Dreamweapon Benefit for the Oklahoma City Police Dept. parts 1 & 2," featuring Angus (barrel conga), Hetty MacLise (tampura), the poet Jackson Mac Low (recorders and voice), Henry Flynt (song flute and voice) and Conrad (limp string). These tracks, recorded in May of 1968, are the apex of maximalist loft style psychedelic improvisation. Conrad's illuminating, occasionally hilarious liner notes set up the narrative of this volume and offer a brief glimpse into the mind-scrambling fracas that was NYC, USA, Earth, 1968. Along with more gorgeous, brain-warping Invasion-style sleeve art, included in the CD booklet is a reproduction of the poster for the Dreamweapon Benefit, confirmation in black and white that for four nights in May, 1968, Wooster Street Cinematheque was definitely one witchy place to be.


Mt. Carmel

(Siltbreeze - SB129) LP $16.00

Matthew Reed, Patrick Reed and Kevin Shubak are a straight-up blues rock power trio weened on a diet of Peter Green-era Bluesbreakers, Cream and Ten Years After. This isn't a lark between noise projects -- it's their life. Good, old-fashioned rock 'n' roll, plain and simple.


Heaps of Nothing

(Siltbreeze - SB130) CD $12.00

(Siltbreeze - SB130) LP $16.00

For this second full-length effort, Naked on the Vague eschew their tantalizingly sparse duo attack for a quartet line-up, and the results are as sensational as they are sinister. While the rickety, no-wave splat found on previous efforts had its appeal, the heft of a "proper" rhythm section has only helped Naked on the Vague delve deeper into the landscape of post-punk murk. Bleak, unrepentant, withering and droll, Heaps of Nothing is a 21st century codification of the gallows wit and mesmerizing otherworldliness of Dub Housing-era Pere Ubu, Primitive Calculators and Lemon Kittens. LP includes download card.


The Blood Pressure Sessions

(Dual Plover) CD $14.25 (Out-of-stock)

(Siltbreeze) LP $14.00

Lucy Cliché and Mathew P. Hopkins dive deep into a world of apocalyptic pop and psychedelic weirdness with disparate vocals that grip onto menacingly hook-laden basslines and stabbing keys, pushed by an unrelenting drum machine far past the end of its warranty period. Expanding on the final moments of no-wave and what that imploded scene might have become, this nine-track punk assault ranges from almost danceable, short-and-sharp “hits” to gloomy, extended freak-outs. Life never looked so bleak. Vinyl reissue on Siltbreeze in early 2008. “Distilled nihilism.” —Drop Dead


The Day Is Coming

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

For the discerning pinetoppers of contemporary, post-everything aggro grit, the name Johnny Noise should be synonymous with the sound of grizzled, sonic élan. One of the principal constructors of Los Llamarada’s estimable creepy crawl, Noise’s guitar howls and snarls goes deep in guiding that band’s portent vision of bleak, psychedelic ache. Here he casts brut-moderne madrigals — drums, strings, vocals, the whole shebang — into a solo cauldron of hairy, distempered muzz. Includes download card. Sealed



(Siltbreeze) LP $17.00

Lost in the label’s murky somewheresville since it was recorded in 2013, this ambient masterpiece brings to mind a John Carpenter soundtrack performed by The Hub. Clinton Williams’s infectious and corrupting sounds synthesize new lifeforms in your brain’s enzymes. If you specialize in a niche too much, you are prey to predators outside, but Omit never goes for low-hanging fruit and isn’t simulating anything. Xenobiological effects aside, inSec constructs your sentiment through timbral concepts that repeat and shift with minimal reference to harmony, melody, key, or mode. Streams jump and skitter, knitting tightly high and low in a dense rattling driven to the long and most plaintive tones among the countless gizmos (that’s including you, but not “you”). This one is for big fans of Anode/Cathode, Ikue Mori, Papa Srapa, Fronte Violeta, and Insignia refrigerators.


Tricephalic Head

(Siltbreeze) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Following a self-titled cassette (Psychic Mule, 2013), People Skills serve up a first LP of deceptively relaxed songs. As per usual, deductions are to be made on the consciousness of the character; the important thing is that in the ensuing spatial vagueness, Jesse Dewlow really comes into his own. The influence of Graham Lambkin has become so staggeringly panoramic over the past decade it seems to demand participation and here it is, inscribed by the chance blurts of Die Spielverderber and the slow attitude of The University Punx, and played from the loner-folk-side-in — that is, for feeling felt. And the laziness is projective; always managing to sound looser and more vivid than it seemed a couple of seconds before, shifting from lyrical to terse by way of The Rebel. And if that doesn’t get you, consider the mortal words of John Berryman: “Well hell / I’m not writing an autobiography-in-verse.” As a first-person hallucination recorded memory, this plays somewhere between full-blown Dewlow narrative and snapshot. Regardless, we’re blazing into a new era and this one will go perfect in one of those new rabbit-computer cafés. Include free download card


The Pin Group

(Siltbreeze - SB63) CD $7.50 (Out-of-stock)

Previously released tracks from singles by Roy Montgomery, Peter Stapleton, and Ross Humphries, with Mary Heney and Peter Fryer: “Ambivalence” b/w ”Columbia” (Flying Nun 1981); “Coat” b/w ”Jim” (Flying Nun 1981); Go To Town (Flying Nun 1982); and 11 Years After (Siltbreeze 1993). Covers include The Red Krayola’s “Hurricane Fighter Plane” and the previously unreleased “Low Rider” by War. Liner notes by Bruce Russell.


Shit In The Garden

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $9.00 (Out-of-stock)

In the four years since Siltbreeze released Pink Reason’s Cleaning the Mirror, Kevin DeBroux’s subsequent singles and EPs have been concise, individual statements, together charting an atlas of depression and the struggles with a darkness that threaten to swallow him up every day. Compressed into Debroux’s five- and six-minute songs are weeks, months and years of labor and experience, not the least of which are his travels to places where he catalyzed and received underground energies — from Wisconsin and Ohio, through Melbourne and Santiago de Chile, to New York City. Try to map out how these songs are put together, and one finds that the apparent simplicity of DeBroux’s riffs and chord progressions gives way to an epic complexity. Now that the dust is settling and the commercial concerns of a thousand “lo-fi” projects have vacated the underground for a better life in the dorm rooms of America, the influence of Cleaning the Mirror on the past half-decade is clear. And DeBroux is still here, using cheap technology, creating rich, enveloping psychological environments, giving voice to a restless inner life — manifesting drum-and-bass beats, hardcore dissonance, Ian MacCulloch’s larynx — and blooming like sunflowers amid the debris. With free download card. Sealed


Cleaning The Mirror

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $15.00

Kevin DeBroux oozes muzzy melancholia by the bucket, ably clearing house in Sanguine Manor, whose previous tenants include Royal Trux, The Jacobites, Phantom Payne, Black Vial, and other marginal inhabitants whose sticky fingers glimmer in stoned adulation. Dominated by creeping synths, stark strums and rickety percussive splats that complement De Broux’s heart-scraping vocal catharsis, Cleaning The Mirror journeys beyond any known perspective, practically insinuating an alternate otherworld where Tim Buckley’s Lorca and Jandek’s Ready For The House have been hybridized into a ripe-for-plucking masterpiece. From 2007. Sealed


In the Army 1981

(Siltbreeze - SB121) LP $16.00

Corroded psych / hardcore scree enlightened by the most unhinged charters of Acid Archives and Killed by Death alumni. In the Army 1981 is its own sadistic brand of plastic surgery, heavy on the anesthetic, short of any bedside manner. Includes download card.


The Stones Are Watching And They Can Be A Handful

(Siltbreeze) LP $16.00

Audio levitation by Arielle McCuaig (Hairnet, Janitor Scum, Vacuum Rebuilders) and Kayla MacNeill (Singing Lawn Chair, Vacuum Rebuilders) who conjure up their extraordinary odds bodkins out of Calgary, Alberta. This fetching melange of art-damaged hoopla sounds like it might’ve taken a spin around the Amos & Sara / It’s War Boys universe and is further realized than on their debut cassette, It’s Called Punk, Are You Stupid? Includes 11 x 17 insert. Edition of 250


Stupor Hiatus

(Siltbreeze - SB113/SB114) 2xLP $17.50

The complete recorded works of the original Mike Rep and the Quotas, dating back to 1974 and moving forward into the early 1990s (essentially a reworking of the Stupor Hiatus Vol. 2 LP released by Siltbreeze in 1992 plus six additional tracks, four of which have never before been released. This double-LP includes the legendary "Rocket to Nowhere," an instrumental interpretation of the 13th Floor Elevators' "She Lives in a Time of Her Own," a cover of Roky Erickson's "Creature with the Atom Brain," a shout-out to the Strapping Fieldhands ("In the Pineys") and fifteen other immortal tracks fed by a love for B-grade horror flicks, the aforementioned 13 Floor Elevators, Velvet Undergound, Kim Fowley, The Doors and -- typical of the Grove City, Ohio, scene -- codeine, cannabis and Carling. Includes download card.


Handbook For Mortals

(Siltbreeze - SB158) LP $15.00

A sweeping haboob of sound, as deft and defying as horns on a hen, this unique audio gem goes deep into field recording territory and pinpoints the middle ground between HNAS and Mad Tea Party. Includes free download. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2013


Project For A Revolution In New York

(Siltbreeze - SB71) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two side-long tracks from 1997. “Recollections Of The Golden Triangle” is an all-out bare-handed improvisational torture session recorded in the basement of a Masonic Lodge using disemboweled piano and various percussive implements (pots, pans, rocks, sticks, triangle, siren, electric fan, some sort of freakalicious kiwi intonarumori). Guests include Siltbreeze’s Tom Lax (who was threatened with a good old-fashioned Malaysian ass-caning if he didn’t participate) and Surface Of The Earth’s Paul Toohey, who adds cool guitar hum ’n’ drone that stitches together the splayed cacophonous gash of Russell and Lax like some goddamn magic suture. “The Erasers” splits open the heavens, as only a man possessed is capable, with primitive and twisted feedback-laden steel-string action over background tape loop drone scree. Blue ribbon brain-fry all the way.


Mortise and Tenon

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Acoustically packed to the gills, the octet effortlessly strums and blows breezy vibes, emitting kosmisch melodies and Teutonic ambience that channel past giants such as Limbus 4, Siloah and Lord Krishna Von Goloka (aka the A-team of Krautrock). Once you launch into the group’s spacey and entrancing (yet calming and soothing) asteroid belt, you might mistake the Ozarks for the Alps if you’re not careful. And who could blame you? You’re way up there and the air’s thin; hallucinating’s a must.


Halber Selbstbetrug

(Siltbreeze - SB165) 7-inch $2.50

Perfectly lubed and gurgling oink by this contemporary Berlin outfit, informed by the bare-knuckled scrappers of the Neue Deutsche Welle fringe. “A solid chunk of head-shrieking metronomics smothered in bassy transits and overwrought in thirsty shards … of pylon guitar,” proclaims Rottenmeats, “A rhythmically sharp and feisty beast, with … transistorized megaphone … vox … full of quirky angles ending on a screamed abruptness.” Edition of 300


Shoes This High

(Siltbreeze - SB161) 7-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

First-time legitimate reissue of this New Zealand post-punk classic (STH Music 1981) that uncaps a ferocity at the time unheard not just in New Zealand, but in most corners of the global underground fraternity (with the possible exception of The Gordons’ debut seven-inch). A defining moment in definitive.


Straight To Hell

(Siltbreeze - SB160) LP $16.00 (Out-of-stock)

Jagged, scabrous genius that remains previously unheard no more, thanks to the massive tape library of famed New Zealand underground music archivist Bob Sutton. This white-hot live scorcher was culled from a set at the infamous Billy The Club in the early 1980s. Guitarist Kevin Hawkins slashes and rips strings from his ax like a mad butcher; the rhythm section of Jessica Walker and Christopher Plummer is par excellence, while the sneering, contemptuous vocals of singer S. Brent Hayward spit like poison darts. Download card of the entire album plusthe tracks for the Shoes This High seven-inch (SB161). Edition of 500.



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The fourth long-player by Mike Donovan and Matt Hartman, delivering cosmic concrete creak, forged with trebly, high-end neo-glam pop. Equal parts Bob Markley and Uli Trepte, U.S. EZ is the virtual brick of Berlin / Big Sur hash we’ve all been waiting to break into. The ominous death’s head fez has now been ensconced in a witchy naugahyde bonnet, thus leveling the playing field for both the psychedelically challenged and the itinerant avant garde.


In The Pineys

(Siltbreeze) Used 10-inch $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Fantastic lo-fi punk jabber from 1994 combined with mouthfuls of old tobacco juice.”


Thunder Feedback Confusion

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The Philadelphia-based noise rock collective sounds like early Hawkwind jamming with Glenn Branca’s guitar orchestra, to the accompaniment of an extremely busy construction site. Their near-atonal freakouts are as challenging and uncompromising as rock music gets, with plenty of dynamics and compositional ideas. The heart of Temple of Bon Matin is the duo of drummer Ed Wilcox and keyboardist John Mulvaney, with other members added and subtracted according to whim. This 1995 album is probably the group’s most overtly rock-oriented work, with some of the songs even having recognizable melodies. Hand-made jacket with spray-paint, stencil, stickers


We Build A New City

(Siltbreeze) Used 7-inch $3.00 (Out-of-stock)

“Stripped of its NDW gloss, Titmachine’s primitve, urpy grok of Palais Schaumburg’s ‘Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt’ is doused in raw Gueuze more than refined Pilsener. In other words, them yeasts be wild, y’all! The flipside — an original little jawdropper entitled ‘1989’ — is remarkably akin to what The Shaggs might sound like tackling the Urinals’ “Ack Ack Ack.” Pressed on heliocentric black vinyl in a humane edition of less than one million.”


Furniture Music For Evening Shuttles

(Siltbreeze) Used CD $20.00

(Siltbreeze) Used LP $75.00 (Out-of-stock)

This New York ensemble’s string of uniformly intriguing albums covered corrosive no wave noise, abstract tape experimentation, and inspired delicate melodic folk. As with Pearls Before Swine and The Fugs, exquisite songs exist at the core of outward experimentation and chaotic group jamming. Tower Recordings congeals eclectic ideas into a continuous whole and certainly had great ears for editing jams and experiments into cohesive pieces.
LP is sealed.


Harmful Emotions

(Siltbreeze - SB83) LP $12.00

Der Teenage Panzer Korps is a pipsqueak quartet of fuzzy, distorted youth, drenched in DIY testosterone, rumbling out of the sewers and into the street, gnashing and gnarling through the charred landscape of the underground like a small battalion of Tiger tanks blasting across the steppes of the Ukraine. Their sonic attack at times recalls the anxious throb of Mars in their prime, with sudden shifts into the early discordant rumble of Savage Republic. Paste-on cover. Edition of 500


Manifesto Rumoratorio

(Siltbreeze - SB182) LP $10.00

Pietro La Rocca was last heard honing his inscrutable craft with the great Sicilian ensemble Oper’azione Nafta, whose Cavuru album (Siltbreeze 2008) forged the skree of High Rise with the yelp of Sun City Girls. La Rocca and ex-pat Polish vocalist Patrycja Stefanek utilize a array of gadgets (Walkman, delays, toys, and tapes) in conjunction with voice and guitar, and the results simmer in an ardor of abstract improvisational babble — think Vetza / Joe Potts (LAFMS), Jim French / Diamanda Galás on Metalanguage, Joan La Barbara / Bruce Ditmas on Wizard Records, or Suckdog. Produced in conjunction with the Oley Freindschaft Guild of Braucherei Practitioners and the Guild of Urglaawe Braucherei and Hexerei Practitioners, Manifesto Rumoratorio speaks a language understood by, if not hundreds, then dozens of rabid wanters of abstract clatter. Includes digital download card. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2016


Sensacao Do Principio

(Siltbreeze - SB112) LP $13.00

Tropa Macaca's previous efforts on Ruby Red and Qbico were magnificent (though hard-to-find) efforts of blotted, aural sci-fi codifications somewhere between Anar Band and Blues Control. This two-track full-length continues their foray into post-psychedelic instrumental morphine, where Moolah's LP and Pink Floyd's "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict" function as templates for the greater good. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2009



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Combining an uncanny channeling of The Urinals and early Mekons, Tyvek drops jaws to floors with solid acorns of repetitive punk / pop numbers that became oaks almost instantaneously. The inclusion of Damon (a.k.a. Teets of Puffy Areolas) brings in another dimension and suddenly the band’s 2009 set veers into a Velvet Underground-by-way-of-The Feelies stratosphere.


Go Grey

(Siltbreeze - SB126) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

The second full-length release by U.S. Girls is a fully realized excursion into a hazy alternate universe where pop vocals and muzzy scree fuse in harmony. Go Grey conjures up ambient aerosols while luminous kaleidoscopes of sound sizzle, peak, and explode. Megan Remy is a chanteuse from (perhaps) the future, guiding all who choose to sail an evocative trip through her unique aural hallucinogenic landscapes. It's a journey of lush vistas, warm currents, and complex beauties.



(Siltbreeze - SB110) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Vacuum authored the clay tablets from which all great antipodean bands would glean substance to formulate The NZ Sound. The perfected aural symmetry of Bill Direen, Stephen Cogle, Peter Stapleton, Peter Fryer and Alan Meek fuses classic Nuggets, Roxy, Elevators and Velvets moves as a template for the unique plonk that became germane for all who sailed after. These recordings -- culled from '78 and '79 rehearsal tapes -- are available for the first time ever. "'Kicks" would go on to become an early staple in Direen's Builders discography, but the guitar on this version is particularly and wonderfully unhinged. The beautiful serenity of Cogle's "Shade," masterfully driven by Meek's keyboard, is as crisp out of the gate as the later, more honed version by the Victor Dimisich Band. The real thunderclap of the bunch is "Accident," another take of which can be found on The Builders' Beatin Hearts LP (Flying Nun 1982), where it sounds like the Tia Maria is spiked with peyote, the band psychically disembowels "Heard Her Call My Name" and feeds the guts to Amon Düül. Edition of 300.


Walking Slow

(Siltbreeze - SB155) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

The second installment of archival tracks from this legendary Christchurch outfit whose lifespan may have been short, but its members went on to Bilders, Pin Group, Victor Dimisich Band, Scorched Earth Policy, and Terminals. Four tracks: Walking Slow (Dux de Lux, 1979); Born & Bled (Barbadoes Street "the cemetery", 1979); Remember Breaking Up (Dux de Lux, 1979); Skulls (Oxford Terrace, 1978). Edition of 300.


Tard & Further’d

(Siltbreeze) Used CD $5.00

Tracks by Halo of Flies, Gibson Bros, Monkey 101, V-3, The Dead C, Alasitair Galbraith, Sebadoh, Queen Meanie Puss, Mike Rep & The Quotasm Terminals Guided By Voices, Thomas Jeffereson Slave Apts., Shadow Ring. From 1997


Live At Brown’s

(Siltbreeze) LP $20.00

Rare live & unreleased tracks from 1979. Second edition with orange radioactive man on front cover.


Sunshine of Your Love

(Siltbreeze - SB090) LP $12.00

Originally released on the cassette-only label Breakdance The Dawn, Siltbreeze 's vinyl reissue answers the question, what’s left in that studio that’s not broken? (Only their will!) On a break from their duties in Antipan, Matt and Nick plugged into the cassette deck—left channel, guitar; right channel, mic under the floor tom—and played. Apart from minor adjustment of levels, the end result as it was made is all here. XNo BBQX cite Harry Pussy and Mouthus as influences.