Live At Brown’s

(Siltbreeze) LP $20.00

Rare live & unreleased tracks from 1979. Second edition with orange radioactive man on front cover.


Slit and Pre-Slit

(Smudge) Used LP $15.00

Reissue of Jim Shepard’s first ever release, originally privately pressed in an edition of 100 copies in 1977. “Like a bunch of his Columbus, Ohio compatriots,” explain our friends at Volcanic Tongue, “He osmosed the aesthetics of classic rock while intuiting the formal repercussions that would eventually cohere into the punk-primitive stance of the underground groups gathered around the Siltbreeze label…. The fidelity is basement perfect and the tracks run from creepy answering machine messages to charged sci-fi jams with tape effects, fuzz and phasing, channeling aspects of The Velvet Underground, Hawkwind and Simply Saucer…. [I]solated experimentation in the wasteland of the early 70s … one of the key founding documents of modern underground music, flawlessly conceived, massively addictive and singularly fucking weird.” Sealed


Trans-Pigmentational Slit

(Duplications de Ange de la Morte) DVD $15.00

According to the liner notes and all contemporary databases with proven reliability, this is the only extant video footage of Jim Shepard’s jaw-dropping band in any form. Running around 30 minutes or so, filmmaker David Kerr’s footage is very much a DIY affair, steeped in gloriously primitive, narrative experimentalism. The single free-form jam explodes visually into a psychedelic miasma, and there are dystopian cameos from all your favorite monsters.