Former January Ending Through 52 Weeks

(Sophomore Lounge) LP $19.00

The inner logic in People Skills, beyond a cloud of ambiguity, is a remarkable balance between the shattered plaster electronics and Jesse Dewlow’s melodious chording. The blunted-ass casio beats and the haunted lonerman vox riding tremble alongside make it perfect. The encased-in-dust-for-a-few-winters production value is just gravy. Includes DL card


Magnet Hill

(I Dischi Del Barone) 7-inch $10.00

Rather minimal and more based on guitar than previous efforts by Jesse Dewlow, such that “a murky sub-underground feel resembling South Island NZ pop played inside an armored car” line might be on point, but these two downer gems are rooted elsewhere. Plus, hey hey, locked grooves. With insert. Edition of 200


Tricephalic Head

(Siltbreeze) LP $16.00

Following a self-titled cassette (Psychic Mule, 2013), People Skills serve up a first LP of deceptively relaxed songs. As per usual, deductions are to be made on the consciousness of the character; the important thing is that in the ensuing spatial vagueness, Jesse Dewlow really comes into his own. The influence of Graham Lambkin has become so staggeringly panoramic over the past decade it seems to demand participation and here it is, inscribed by the chance blurts of Die Spielverderber and the slow attitude of The University Punx, and played from the loner-folk-side-in — that is, for feeling felt. And the laziness is projective; always managing to sound looser and more vivid than it seemed a couple of seconds before, shifting from lyrical to terse by way of The Rebel. And if that doesn’t get you, consider the mortal words of John Berryman: “Well hell / I’m not writing an autobiography-in-verse.” As a first-person hallucination recorded memory, this plays somewhere between full-blown Dewlow narrative and snapshot. Regardless, we’re blazing into a new era and this one will go perfect in one of those new rabbit-computer cafés. Include free download card