Come Around

(All Gone) 7-inch $8.50

Mole House tarry in a minimal yet complex electric folk truism. Where few dare to tread, this trio moseys along some no-frills fifth dimension. If their true stories and lost chords receive the attention they demand, a captivating sense of juxtaposition comes full circle between lyrics and notes. File next to Un or Wreck Small Speakers getting ashed on by sluggish narco Gibson Brothers blues.


Telephone Booth

(All Gone) Cassette $6.00

“The overall mood seems to be informed by codeine and heat stroke, but for the most part Telephone Booth is an album of songs played on guitars and keyboards with that damned drum machine still making sickly clicks as Dewlow distractedly moans verses and choruses. If you squint, you can imagine this to be the demo cassette for a future Kranky album, distortion and mistakes left in with the intent to smooth them all out later.” c47