Inferno From An Occult Diary

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Lo-fi dronology by Loren Chasse and Brandon La Belle, who craft alchemical duets around field recordings, slow rumbling bells, creeping organ drones, and cable buzz. “Between … placid … rain tumbling onto sheet metal and … electricity,” note our friends at Aquarius, ”These sounds — however tranquil — are also charged with a certain life-threatening danger.”


Unique Ancient Tavern

(Ecstatic Yod) Used LP $8.00

Much of this 1997 material harkens back to the earliest collaborations of Chasse (on drums) and Labelle (on bass), who align their arrangements with “garbled lo-fi murk that was coming out of New Zealand at the time,” observe our friends at Aquarius, “[F]alling-down-the-stairs drum clatter and atonal thwacking on the bass with plenty of choking atmospherics [fill] in the gaps. Chasse and Labelle splice … grimy improvisational recordings with thrumming drones of equally lo-fi quality as various looping techniques [amass] the sounds into deep bellows, pocked with skittering texture and corroded noises.” With glove in envelope.