Inferno From An Occult Diary

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Lo-fi dronology by Loren Chasse and Brandon La Belle, who craft alchemical duets around field recordings, slow rumbling bells, creeping organ drones, and cable buzz. “Between … placid … rain tumbling onto sheet metal and … electricity,” note our friends at Aquarius, ”These sounds — however tranquil — are also charged with a certain life-threatening danger.”


Shindara Jigoku

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Finally, downer psych jams with grooves approaching Jandek levels of tunelessness. Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 500



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Third studio LP by Masami Kawaguchi, Koji Shimura, and Takuya Nishimura’s Tokyo avant-garage trio. Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 500.


Organs Of Blue Eclipse

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High school recordings from 1975 through ’77 by Hitoshi Matsumoto, Ikuro Takahashi, Masanori Komatsu, Tetsuya Takashio, Yasuaki Harabuchi, and Yuji Nakamura. The sound was inspired, according to one insider much later, by “what was probably a misunderstanding of minimalism…, which yielded a “wonderfully primitive approach to the repetition of minimalism with exuberant forays into wild synth-and-percussion-driven noise … somewhere between the original Amon Duul LPs and Outside the Dream Syndicate. Silkscreen jacket