Here Be Lions

(Freak Animal) CD $16.00

Fierce and brutal harsh noise, full of energy with a strong focus on the physical object, displaying careful attention to textures and subtle details. The label considers it a genre-defining milestone for Northern European noise. “The CD starts with a track Vanhala submitted for Tapeworks Volume VI compilation (Hästen & Korset 2012),” says one agreeable Discogs commentator, “Mixing the finest elements of harsh noise with tape manipulations, exploiting acoustic sources and spaces…. [The] complete Here Be Lions tape [follows] (Sprachlos Verlag 2012)…. [New, previously unreleased track] … ‘Reality Shredder’ … starts with instant mayhem…, [and shares the] same intense atmosphere [with] the previous tracks…. [Another previously unreleased track] ‘Secret Dream’ … is an instant harsh noise explosion employing all the elements of previous attacks plus noise electronics.”