Petturien Rooli

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2009 disc that steers clear of the previously obligatory harsh noise blasts, in favor of a more textured, detailed, and experimental approach to PE / industrial-noise. Metal objects, wood, water, stones, glass, sand, mud, concrete, tools (shovels, lawnmover, cement mixer), metallic pipes (wind instrument), radio transmissions, digital keyboards, analogue synthesizer, analogue Walkman with field recordings and tape manipulations, 8-track MD, 4-track analogue tape, digital hard-drive recorder for field recordings, various effects, bass-amp, PA system, guitar-amp.


Here Be Lions

(Freak Animal) CD $16.00

Fierce and brutal harsh noise, full of energy with a strong focus on the physical object, displaying careful attention to textures and subtle details. The label considers it a genre-defining milestone for Northern European noise. “The CD starts with a track Vanhala submitted for Tapeworks Volume VI compilation (Hästen & Korset 2012),” says one agreeable Discogs commentator, “Mixing the finest elements of harsh noise with tape manipulations, exploiting acoustic sources and spaces…. [The] complete Here Be Lions tape [follows] (Sprachlos Verlag 2012)…. [New, previously unreleased track] … ‘Reality Shredder’ … starts with instant mayhem…, [and shares the] same intense atmosphere [with] the previous tracks…. [Another previously unreleased track] ‘Secret Dream’ … is an instant harsh noise explosion employing all the elements of previous attacks plus noise electronics.”



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Late ’90s noise from CCCC (Hiroshi Hasegawa on Moog, Mayuko Hino on Theremin and electronics), Jalopaz (cellist Lisa Haglund and Alex Yusimov on electronics), and Alchemy Of The 20th Century (Mikko Aspa).