Gogo Underworld

(Cor Ardens) Cassette $13.25

The debut album by this Philadelphia-based multi-dimensional energy worker and interdisciplinary practitioner — known primarily as a visual and performance artist with a keen eye for the miraculous potentials of everyday objects and found materials —combs through waste streams of aural (and spiritual) detritus the way a committed cruiser scans through stations on a radio. Deal’s densely layered field recordings and plunderphonic samplings periodically break into beautiful songs, with more recognizable instruments freely mixing influences of African American free jazz, Black punk, gospel / negro spirituals, and divination rituals. Gogo Underworld presents the first installment of a sprawling Gesamtkunstwerk to be spread across multiple releases and a film that explores “how the memories and mythologies of the Black diaspora can be used as conduits of historical and cultural preservation, tracing its global footprint, disrupting Western colonial thought modes, and deploying dreaming as channels for potentiality, non-linear modes of intercepting time and space, and celebration as resistance.” Packaged in wax / glass object. Edition of 100