Time Furniture

(Cor Ardens) Cassette $13.25

The debut release by Jim Strong and Pony Payroll Bones (both quietly active in the American underground in addition to being visual artists) unfolds over a series of brief meetings as the pair skip gleefully between an array of dueling pianos, viola, cello, keyboard and organ, undergirded with cellular networks of tape collage, invented instruments, spiritual ritual through everyday appliances and the sputtering engines of broken down cars. Named after the Greek word for “absence of pain,” a state of perfect equilibrium in the epicurean ideal of the good life, the duo is depicted on the accompanying wood block print lanced with arrows and doctors’ protruding tools. Their art experiments are tinged with a hopeful affirmation of life in the midst of serious illness and increasing industrial pollution. Drawing on traditions of psych, noise, folk , new age drone and fluxus / sound art, Aponia A.D. specializes in a kind of haunted Americana anti-music for the post-American dystopian landscape. Packaged in altered jewelry box with woodblock print.


Gogo Underworld

(Cor Ardens) Cassette $13.25

The debut album by this Philadelphia-based multi-dimensional energy worker and interdisciplinary practitioner — known primarily as a visual and performance artist with a keen eye for the miraculous potentials of everyday objects and found materials —combs through waste streams of aural (and spiritual) detritus the way a committed cruiser scans through stations on a radio. Deal’s densely layered field recordings and plunderphonic samplings periodically break into beautiful songs, with more recognizable instruments freely mixing influences of African American free jazz, Black punk, gospel / negro spirituals, and divination rituals. Gogo Underworld presents the first installment of a sprawling Gesamtkunstwerk to be spread across multiple releases and a film that explores “how the memories and mythologies of the Black diaspora can be used as conduits of historical and cultural preservation, tracing its global footprint, disrupting Western colonial thought modes, and deploying dreaming as channels for potentiality, non-linear modes of intercepting time and space, and celebration as resistance.” Packaged in wax / glass object. Edition of 100


The Sun Is The Radioactive Wasp Egg

(Cor Ardens - 04) Cassette $10.00

Matthew Pony Payroll Bones and Jenny Moon Tucker, known for endurance-challenging performance rituals of cymbals and bells flying through the air, splintering ancient railroad surplus, and a lazy hand wielding a sparking power-tool that slowly ate through a rickety mesh of wire fence which was dragged into the center of the venue, begin with their voyeuristic transmission as two individuals casually conversing about local Baltimore eateries, the weather. Small-town observations recede toward a fluid whistling and clatter barely emerged. A swell of pots and pans heaved in pathetic rage. Sort of funny. Amphibious dirge.


Short Wave: Anomalous Recordings (1991)

(Cor Ardens) Used Cassette $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Long-form excerpts of home recordings made by the poet, critic, musician, artist, and theorist of cyberspace — without editorial manipulations toward human musicality. With three-page essay “Another Mother of Us All (A Phenomenology of Short-Wave,” written in 1983 originally published in The Review of International Broadcasting, and a six-panel color J-card of original works derived from a Qbasic multivariable fractal program designed by the artist roughly at the same time as the recordings. C54


First Citizens of the Moon

(Cor Ardens - 01) Cassette $10.00 (Out-of-stock)

Rare and unreleased material that variously combines and departs from the traditions of poetry, performance art, home recording, mail art, radio plays, sound installation, improvisation, choral music and experimental theater. With Pomona Za, Yixuan Pan, Blue Chemise, Ami Yamasaki, Sarah M. Farmer, Malachi Lily, Vox Populi!, Church Shuttle, Jessop And Co, Crank Sturgeon, Spires that in the Sunset Rise, John M. Bennett, Creode, Couteau Sang, Anaïs Maviel, Id M Theft Able, Tavishi, Jim Strong, Anna Mikhailova, Philadelphia Women’s Slavic Ensemble. Package is wire and laser woodcut assemblage. Edition of 200.