Interior Moon

(Mutter Wild) Used LP $11.00

Pure electronic sound made with the care and craftsmanship of an old-school film editor: a series of throbbing electronic loops that seem to interlock like a Moebius strip, where a steady flow of waves interrupt natural awareness of body processes and redirect it to a more infinite concept of time. Less chaotic and haywire than Stella’s life-changing disturbo-analog epic Foucault Zombie (Gods of Tundra 2007), Interior Moon represents the concept of magnetic attraction, with a hypnotic pull that is both a meditation and a measured attempt to harness and control the surrounding environment. Silkscreened jacket, with inserts. Thirty minutes with locked grooves at the end of each side. Second edition of 100.


Royal Paint With The Metallic Gardener From The United States Of America Helped Into An Open Field By Women And Children

(Load) Used CD $3.00

Powerful live band with an experimental bent, a multi-headed sound, and a clear fondness for ugliness and grit. This 2004 album boasts noisy distorted guitar heroics, high-pitched whines, squiggles of dog-whistle frequencies, sustained fire alarm bleeps, token Indian and exotic, caterwauling vocals, splintered instruments, layers of droning noise, visceral sensations of heavy objects being moved and things being violently broken, ear-clenching debris.