Ron Pistos Real World

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2011 reissue of the 1983 classic by these Melbourne, Australia legends. While it does feature a horn and unbridled guitar heaviosity from a very young Mick Turner (Dirty Three, Venom P. Stinger, Sick Things, Cat Power), it also sounds current with other rock and hallucinatory free range gack from the era, e.g., Birthday Party.


You’ll Never Play This Town Again

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Scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, topped, diced and peppered American free rock from the Clinton-era three-piece. Complies the long out-of-print self-released tour 12-inch from 1997, the Live 10-inch (Cherry Smash 1998), Live at Salon Zwerge 12-inch (Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club 1998), Toxic Drunks / Radiation Nation (De Stijl 1997), and tracks from split-7s with Pelt (Klang Industries 1998) and Frosty (Menlo Park 1997)


Royal Paint With The Metallic Gardener From The United States Of America Helped Into An Open Field By Women And Children

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Powerful live band with an experimental bent, a multi-headed sound, and a clear fondness for ugliness and grit. This 2004 album boasts noisy distorted guitar heroics, high-pitched whines, squiggles of dog-whistle frequencies, sustained fire alarm bleeps, token Indian and exotic, caterwauling vocals, splintered instruments, layers of droning noise, visceral sensations of heavy objects being moved and things being violently broken, ear-clenching debris.


Pleasure Ground

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Hypnotic, uncomplicated black din with bruising screams from 2006. Sealed



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Eleven songs from 2002 “to the left not only of obvious touchstones like early Sonic Youth and Yoko Ono’s primal scream period, but also of the comparatively normal DNA and Mars. Basic precepts like harmony, rhythm, and tonality are only casually (possibly even accidentally) implemented here, to the point that songs like ‘Don West’ sound like a diesel locomotive slowly being fed through a wood chipper. A bracing blast of a debut. Packaged in a screen-printed fold-over cover. Black vinyl