45 Minutes From Underneath The Beds

(Absurd - A6) CD $12.00

Scandinavian performance/composition iconoclast’s speech impedimentia heralds his highly idiosyncratic noise bordering on personal field recordings.


Das Baank
 — A New Era Of Economical Growth And Prosperity And Safety And Power

(Fragment Factory - FRAG36) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

The music traverses between carefully paced dramatic musical passages, and sections of pure and often confrontational noise. “DasB1” opens the album with a haunting chorus of ghostly voices submerged within a quasi-orchestral movement; subsequent tracks go deeper into industrial-sounding territories, providing an antithesis and an exhilarating liberation from the shackles of established normality and complacency. Edition of 300.



(Firework Edition) Used CD $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Scandinavian performance / composition iconoclast’s speech impedimentia heralds his highly idiosyncratic noise -- personal field recordings from on the toilet and reworked and adapted for the sound installation Avträde in conjunction with the group show Transformation at Karlsborg Castle, Sweden, during the summer of 2000.


The Cobblestone Is The Weapon of the Proletariat

(Firework Edition) Used CD $10.00

Source material is a single recording made while throwing a cobblestone on the street outside Firework Edition, Stockholm June 15, 2001. Booklet includes an excerpt from a conversation between Jim Haynes and Elggren from Activating the Medium at SFMOMA, San Francisco February 2003. Sealed