Kumquats, Lychees

(Heresee) Used LP $5.00

Tom Boram and Jason Willett “fiddle with electronics to create cartoonish improvisations that are equal parts retro-futurist exotica and unhinged, noisy tomfuckery. Willett’s past work with groups like the Dramatics may offer some perspective on Leprechaun Catering’s technicolor tongue-twisters, which also contain fragments of such diverse vocabularies as those of Dick Hyman’s Moog variations, the genre-hopping (and often humorous) improvisation of the ICP Orchestra, and the miniature sounds of some of IDM’s most fractured beatsmiths…. Leprechaun Catering employs springy, off-kilter rhythms, and a crowded cacophony of electronic doodads and fluorescent squiggles. Beats are present, but the duo isn’t too reliant on them, often the rhythm of a track finds itself eclipsed by the sounds of an 8-bit video game in the garbage disposal.” From 2004. Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 300