Humectant Interruption / Rorn

(Heresee - HS13SS01) Cassette $5.00

2003 release, the first in the label's Splingles series.


Kumquats, Lychees

(Heresee) Used LP $5.00

Tom Boram and Jason Willett “fiddle with electronics to create cartoonish improvisations that are equal parts retro-futurist exotica and unhinged, noisy tomfuckery. Willett’s past work with groups like the Dramatics may offer some perspective on Leprechaun Catering’s technicolor tongue-twisters, which also contain fragments of such diverse vocabularies as those of Dick Hyman’s Moog variations, the genre-hopping (and often humorous) improvisation of the ICP Orchestra, and the miniature sounds of some of IDM’s most fractured beatsmiths…. Leprechaun Catering employs springy, off-kilter rhythms, and a crowded cacophony of electronic doodads and fluorescent squiggles. Beats are present, but the duo isn’t too reliant on them, often the rhythm of a track finds itself eclipsed by the sounds of an 8-bit video game in the garbage disposal.” From 2004. Silkscreened jacket. Edition of 300


Cool Truth

(Heresee) CD $12.00

A contempo reissue of L.H. Wolf’s 1985 self-released, singular-vision masterpiece of free jazz, world blooz, WTF flow, and out-of-sync multi-track.


Cover The Earth

(Heresee) LP $12.00

Carly Ptak, Twig Johnson and Max Eisenburg marshal in the era of The New Electronics, which, get this, works without electricity. For reals, man. Eight tracks, maybe nine -- c’mon, you don’t still believe in numbers -- that swizzle the Baltimore trio’s unfathomable home-made chaos into uneven blasts of ravaging ping-pong “beats,” distorted, rack-stretched taunts and/or pleas for mercy, and rapidly exfoliating cries of outrage. Whether aiming for that rising blister on your psyche or just stumbling like dazed Muppets in a frequency-and-perspective-gone-haywire blizzard, Cover the Earth removes Nautical Almanac from the fascinating curios section and files them under “noise force to be reckoned with.”



(Heresee) LP $12.00

A morphic aura released into the air through the utilization of therapeutic breathing techniques, fumblings, and fantasies about sexual tourism. The Swedenbourgian “airplane” becomes reality along with the use of tubas and guitars and poetic resonance. You may know Peter Blasser as “ciat-lonbarde” or the next incarnation of Dr. Who imagining Bob Moog as interpreted by the paper circuit in the form of the seed of life. If so, God bless ya. Carson Garhart was also the phantasmal skeleton in The Skeletons and Severiano Martinez is the man behind it all. Limited LP with screenprinted covers.


Dog Jaw

(Heresee) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

A vinyl reissue of the limited CDR recorded before Aaron Dilloway left the band, mixed by Twig Harper of Nautical Almanac at the WE studio. One side plays at 33, the other at 45. Packaged in screen printed sleeves and pressed in an edition of 600 copies.