Cycles Des Souvenirs

(Bôłt - BRPOP03) CD $13.50

Dutch maverick conceptualist Rinus van Alebeek interprets the music of the well-known French-Italian tape music composer. As van Alebeek says, he doesn’t make music, and is in fact a writer who abandoned traditional literature and its confines, in favor of “writing” with the cassette recorder. “It is an example of his unique sonic approach to documentary reportage,” supposes our friend at The Sound Projector, “A compelling suite ... which layers together several half-familiar domestic and everyday sounds, along with half-whispered narrating voices, suspending everything in a fluid and open-ended mix…. [C]learly … not ‘composed’ in any normal sense of the word … it unfolds [naturally] and you have no clear idea where it is going, or what to expect next.” The third release in Bôłt’s Populista series of radical reinterpretations of historical music, curated by Michał Libera.


Interrupteur / Tautologos 3

(Blue Chopsticks) Used CD $15.00

First recorded by EMI in 1970 and never released in the US prior to this 1999 CD issue on David Grubbs’s label, “Interrupteur (For 10 Instruments)” and “Tautologos 3 (For 11 Instruments)” both depart from the animation and activity of Ferrari’s piecee from the ’50s and ’60s. The former is “an orchestral stasis point that begins to move,” notes All Music Guide. “In the stillness created by the strings, time becomes one long block…, [against which] various timbres and textures rub…, creating muted colors and shades…. [C]hance actions (flurries of woodwinds or brass, a shriek from an errant viola, etc.) … cannot help but to move against that which is already unmoving and therefore deconstruct it…. [C]yclic in nature and [using] a limited scale of notational devices…, [the latter, with its] standard orchestral instrumentation…, electric guitar, and magnetic tape, is … hypnotic … [and] maddening. The [short] musical ‘cycles’ … [move] forward and backward…. During the editing and mixing process, Ferrari manipulated and spliced tape to create other cycles to overlay over the original compositions….The result … drifts and drones its way into the listener’s consciousness and changes right at the point where familiarity is established.” Sealed


Les Arythmiques

(Blue Chopsticks) Used CD $9.00

A starting point of one of the final works by Ferrari is representing in sound the jolt of electricity that had been sent across his heart to treat his arrhythmia. Vaguely terrifying, crackling jolts Les Arythmiques into life and reappears throughout to interrupt the regular beeps of an EKG, the distant tolling of a church bell, and even more distant sounds resembling birds. Enforced rest of a patient immobilized looms over the small repertoire of concrete sounds, examined with a disorienting repetitiveness and ultimately moving beyond the hospital room by delving into an archive of memory.