If I Don't Sleep Tonight

(Wormwood Grasshopper - WG03) 7-inch $15.00

The second seven by this Melbourne group specializing in the mysteries of late night. Part of the new Stay Classy Australia scene. Edition of 100.


I Hit A Wall

(Quemada - QUE004) 7-inch $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

An anthem for the ages that lurches and stumbles, makes strides, waltzes and wobbles, backed with a track that charges through the muck and rides an early '90s Port Chalmers groove. Artwork by Anthony Riddell of Volvox.


I’m Not Coming Here / My Two Kids

(Unwucht - UN10) 7-inch $10.00

A Jandek-conjuring slow-burner on one side side, while the flip rocks hard into the Velvet Underground chug zone. Recorded at the Kof Gallery in Flemington, Australia, and Loons Bar in Lyttelton, New Zealand, both tracks are versions of the songs on their seven-inch released by Soft Abuse. File next to Slimy Adenoid & The Pablums, Vomit Visions and Deutscher Abschaum, if that’s how you organize your stuff. With unique, rubberstamped postcard. Edition of 150


Mad Nanna

(Alberts Basement) 7-inch $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Volcanic Tongue says, "Shadow Ring-style narcoleptic rock with a Shaggs-play-The Clean feel, mainlining extended pop jams into downer dirges." Siltblog says "It also kinda sounds like a Falling Spikes bootleg what had been caked w/mud & laquered onto vinyl." Edition of 200.