Mad Nanna

(Alberts Basement) 7-inch $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Volcanic Tongue says, "Shadow Ring-style narcoleptic rock with a Shaggs-play-The Clean feel, mainlining extended pop jams into downer dirges." Siltblog says "It also kinda sounds like a Falling Spikes bootleg what had been caked w/mud & laquered onto vinyl." Edition of 200.


Thread Bare

(Alberts Basement) 7-inch $12.00

Solo vocal project by Melbourne's Christopher Hill of Paeces, Gauntlet, Gugg, Galactic Locksmith, and a million others. According to the lad's amazingly spelled MySpace page, "Moffarfarrah tranverses time pushing bending and proding time within the space of the mouth and pedals, precusion, organs, and amplifires, casting spores of posi-charged change in little and big omnipresent ways, gurgles, squeaks, moans, new languages, abstract opera, moduals of existence, tea swilling, friendly chat and chants."



(Alberts Basement) 7-inch $13.75

“Spurts of free percussion, alternately scratchy / ululating eternal drones, factory sounds à la Joe Jones, deformed, endlessly echoed vocals,” say our clearly stunned colleagues at Volcanic Tongue about the new seven-inch by Matt Earle (of Breakdance The Dawn, Craft Bandits, xNoBBQx). “The second side is more recognizably based around amp destruction and guitar abuse with waves of crude feedback interrupted by percussive guitar wrangling.” Individually handmade covers.



(Alberts Basement - AB1) LP $20.00

A document of underground musicians working out of Melbourne, recorded in one night at a gig in a bedroom, captured live on one microphone into a computer. Excellent recording considering the circumstances. Melodic instrumentals, lo-fi songs in unique styles, some heavier territory, some fuzzed up mayhem. Great Earthquake - The Violent Storm Part Three (electric guitar and accordion); Humansixbillion - You Hear The Sirens, There's My Song (indie pop, early Flying Nun style); Patinka Cha Cha And The Thimble Orchestra - Mime (electric guitar and percussion instrumental); Low Rise Estate - Untitled (keyboard and percussion instrumental); Fulton Girls Club - September (guitar with hushed vocals); Extreme Wheeze - T.V. Theme (acoustic guitar with audience participation and whistling); Popolice - Untitled (nice dual electric guitar / fx drone); Touch Typist - Spastic Duck Vomit Excerpt (almost freak-folk style improvisation); Guns For Saint Sebastion - A Is For Apple (stripped back Dirty Three / Mick Turner style with what sounds like harp, cello and xylophone, musically ambitious and well executed); Seagull - Train Tracks (electric guitar / vocals); Johnny Saw Horses - NYC (strummed acoustic guitar with strung out female vox); Oscar's Psyche - Vultures (electric guitar / vocals Devendra Banhart style). Individually hand-painted covers. “Most terrascopic.” --Simon Lewis, Terrascope. Edition of 300.


A Warm Cupboard

(Alberts Basement - AB2) LP $20.00

Another vinyl document of the Melbourne Gen-Y indie DIY scene. Basic stuff but nice half-sized sleeve with insert. The Frightening Lights - Strangers (almost Bad Seeds-like with female vox); Hi God People - Drombeslade (improvised drone); Kes Band - Alamakalamazoo (Chills-like indie pop); Francis Plagne - My Ear Stands Like A Gateway On The Street (acoustic guitar and vocal, Devendra Banhart style); Aux Assembly - Fly (dark fuzz guitar drone); Star - Heavy Star (self-described as droning guitar / violin that references Henry Flynt, Tony Conrad, Faust and Velvet Underground); Free Choice - One Chord At a Time/B.O.P. (monophonic synth drone); Seth Rees - Singing Trams (nice evocative instrumental); Aleks And The Ramps - Hey Owl (clever pop with poetic lyrics); Christina Tester - Girl With Balloon (solo balloon improvisation); Fabulous Diamonds - Cemetary Dub (stripped back rhythmic piece); Woollen Kits - Rollerskate Girl (Beat Happening-ish guitar, drums, vox); Baseball - Song For The Righteous (live recording, indie with strange vocals); Bleak Infinity - Skism Prism (hectic indie electronica with female vox, a bit like Naked On The Vague)