Finding Internal Asylum

(C3R) Used CDR $10.00

The ambient side of Canadian harsh noise master Alan Bloor is subtle, nuanced, and warm. This collection of reverb-drenched improvisations for a steel sculpture made by Bloor (found pieces of stainless steel of different sizes and thicknesses, bowed, scraped and struck) is perfect for lonely evenings of contemplation, or as mood music in your isolation chamber. With four-page booklet of photos by Bloor and text by Aidan Baker


In Accordance With Conscience

(Panta Rhei) Used CDR $9.00

“A dark, heavily moody, cavernous soundscape” says Exclaim. “One feels the sense of travelling through a series of interconnected underground caves, some cathedral-like in their echoing, others more claustrophobia-inducing…. [S]pelunking with Pholde means a slow…, cool and alienated…, sometimes spooky wander through the darker recesses and tunnels of consciousness.”