Finding Internal Asylum

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The ambient side of Canadian harsh noise master Alan Bloor is subtle, nuanced, and warm. This collection of reverb-drenched improvisations for a steel sculpture made by Bloor (found pieces of stainless steel of different sizes and thicknesses, bowed, scraped and struck) is perfect for lonely evenings of contemplation, or as mood music in your isolation chamber. With four-page booklet of photos by Bloor and text by Aidan Baker


Music for Found Objects

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Well-regarded Canadian jazz percussionist gives a good whack to water, metal and stone. Downtown Yawnsville, right? Guess again. Manipulated salad bowls floating in a bath tub. The sonic capabilities of canoe paddles. Building bells approximated with a mallet and a 50-inch length of galvanized steel sliding through Stewart's fingers. Marble tables and air pockets. Detailed liner notes.