Dunn/Olson/Ramirez - 12/15/93

(Killertree) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Jeff Dunn, John Olson (Wolf Eyes) & Bryan Ramirez (Ex-Cocaine) met many evenings per week for over a year solid, cranked out around 200 sessions all recorded on 90 minute tapes. Of the roughly 9000 minutes of screech, almost all was eventually ground into dust, molded in the walls of 1610 Kzoo St. Lansing, MI, ransacked by noise bums, or recorded over. But one second-generation cassette got away from the doomhole; it was made at six o’clock in the morning before Ramirez was to catch a flight to Florida. The trio’s horrendous alien argument thundered from their sax, drums, guitar, and keys. The recording is shattering: minced analog skreedom recklessly curing informal ills and breaking windows from pure soundwave pressure. Free sound from the early years all innocent-like. Pure and demented is pure demented freedom. Screened covers. Killer liners / history lesson by John Olson.