Keep America Mellow

(Killertree) Used LP $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Two-piece electro-folk, low-end mud, congas’n’fuzz, stoned AF. Hand screened jackets.



(Killertree - KTR14) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Bona fide math genius Elijah Bodish totally gets the theories linking cubism to geometry, while his brother Holt subsists on frozen pizzas and has this '66 Sunset Strip look any droog would knife for. Together they churn like devil-don't-care Swell Maps on Benadryl, Neil Young bootlegs (strung-out era) and The Fall, fresh out of a woodpile. Recorded in an abandoned YMCA bathroom with high ceilings, their LP is abrasive, crude and bombastic -- a serious lo-fi crusher that mixes a still-unheralded genre (rural punk rock) with muddy, Mansonesque flower-power. And not a whiff of shitty ol' irony anywhere. Because the brothers were born at Dead shows (1989 and 1992 tours, respectively), it's only appropriate that the silkscreened jackets are printed with glow-in-the-dark ink.


Dunn/Olson/Ramirez - 12/15/93

(Killertree) LP $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Jeff Dunn, John Olson (Wolf Eyes) & Bryan Ramirez (Ex-Cocaine) met many evenings per week for over a year solid, cranked out around 200 sessions all recorded on 90 minute tapes. Of the roughly 9000 minutes of screech, almost all was eventually ground into dust, molded in the walls of 1610 Kzoo St. Lansing, MI, ransacked by noise bums, or recorded over. But one second-generation cassette got away from the doomhole; it was made at six o’clock in the morning before Ramirez was to catch a flight to Florida. The trio’s horrendous alien argument thundered from their sax, drums, guitar, and keys. The recording is shattering: minced analog skreedom recklessly curing informal ills and breaking windows from pure soundwave pressure. Free sound from the early years all innocent-like. Pure and demented is pure demented freedom. Screened covers. Killer liners / history lesson by John Olson.


Poor School / Wiggwaum

(Killertree - KTR13) split LP $14.25 (Out-of-stock)

There’s no reason for jazz not to attack. SF’s Wiggwaum terrorize the fuck outta sensibility and give no goddamned reason for the scars. Free sound is supposed to make it feel not so right, after all, and this particular declaration is just the shit bomb hurled from many stories above. Sometimes it’s a Manson orgy buried in Death Valley, other times it’s blissful fuckin’ peaches falling from a Krishna tree. Randy Lee Sutherland (Stereomother) heads this one into the back alleys with some pals and loses sense of time and practicality in the best way possible. Poor School, on the other hand, try to make money by "righting" hit records, but they fuck up every time they pick up an instrument. Once drummer Niekrasz pounds out this morse code in "mean method" and the sax/gtr combo adds to the argument, there’s nothing to do but back off and let ’em justify their violent ambitions. Jazz wreckage and difficulties throughout. Limited edition of 300 copies, silkscreened jackets. Includes bonus CDR of the album plus two extra tracks.


Freeload Soundtrack

(Killertree - KTR15) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

The soundtrack to Dan Skaggs’s stunning and harrowing documentary (about the modern train-hopping community) includes two bitchin’ tracks by Poor School, guitar-duet ramblings by Plants’ Jeff Dunn, a Poor School drone off-shoot called Atrocity Singers (with sax dude Nathan Hoyme), a Rammer solo guitar piece, and the first new Ex-Cocaine track in five years. Hand-screened covers. Edition of 200. Sneak a peak: http://vimeo.com/34676041