Poor School / Wiggwaum

(Killertree - KTR13) split LP $14.25 (Out-of-stock)

There’s no reason for jazz not to attack. SF’s Wiggwaum terrorize the fuck outta sensibility and give no goddamned reason for the scars. Free sound is supposed to make it feel not so right, after all, and this particular declaration is just the shit bomb hurled from many stories above. Sometimes it’s a Manson orgy buried in Death Valley, other times it’s blissful fuckin’ peaches falling from a Krishna tree. Randy Lee Sutherland (Stereomother) heads this one into the back alleys with some pals and loses sense of time and practicality in the best way possible. Poor School, on the other hand, try to make money by "righting" hit records, but they fuck up every time they pick up an instrument. Once drummer Niekrasz pounds out this morse code in "mean method" and the sax/gtr combo adds to the argument, there’s nothing to do but back off and let ’em justify their violent ambitions. Jazz wreckage and difficulties throughout. Limited edition of 300 copies, silkscreened jackets. Includes bonus CDR of the album plus two extra tracks.