Beats For The Beast

(Free Porcupine Society) Used Split CD $5.00

All three members of Charalambides take a moment in 2004 to pursue passionate, simple beauty. The title track by Tom Carter is a “30-minute psychedelic dustbowl of slide guitar meanderings…, lush and impressive…,” explains Tiny Mix Tapes. Christina Carter and Heather Leigh Murray add textures and “touches of vocals to their mind-expanding cuatro.” Packaged in a silk-screened tri-fold sleeve with handmade obi.


Vivre Avec La Bête

(Eclipse) Used LP $10.00

Bizarre folk drones by Charalambides’ Christina Carter (electric guitar, voice) and Heather Murray (pedal steel guitar, voice). Edition of 500. Silkscreened jackets. Sealed