Scorpion Violente

(Bruit Direct Disques - BRD5) LP $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

Cold war psy-ops, martial, nihilistic mechanics, and cyborg bass boost that should fulfill all mad passions for proto-NWD super-repetitive, instrumental, minimal synth, mutant disco. Imagine The Flirts’ ragged, switchblade-toting cousin, raised by mutant vermin. Or PiL doing the Escape from New York theme. Or D.A.F.'s early material. Or even 20 Jazz Funk Greats-era Throbbing Gristle. Three songs. 45 RPM



(Avant! - AV009) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Eight tracks by the infamous gay beast from France obsessed with trash electronics and bad sexual habits. A sick mix of Giorgio Moroder, Italo disco, the paranoid minimal wave of Suicide, and the early industrial clangors such as Cabaret Voltaire. Red vinyl, second edition with new insert.