Some Vague Desire

(Avant! - AV!045) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

This London-based duo draws on elements of English post-punk and French cold wave. The eight songs on their first full length combine angular guitars, lush and driven bass lines, hypnotic rhythms, and melodic croons.


Frozen Energy b/w Push You

(Avant! - AV!036) 7-inch $11.00 (Out-of-stock)

Avant’s second Black Bug single features vocals by Shawn Foree (Digital Leather), reestablishes the savage force of the band while at same time probing previously unknown areas. A perfect balance of straightforward, stripped-down synthetic punk and a glance to the dark side of early UK post-punk. Edition of 300


...Until Next Morning

(Avant! - AV011) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Pierre-Marc Tremblay’s antidote for love -- a four-track EP that shows the darkest and most anguished side of human feeling, where drum machines sound like heartbeats and synthesizers are as liquid as tears. Deep, somber vocals filled with sorrow and anger cap it all. Includes insert. Edition of 400.


Black Devotion

(Avant! - AV!039) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Six songs of self-described “devotional synth” by London‐based Nathalia Bruno (of Phosphor and Leave The Planet). Some bright and shiny tracks; others are more ethereal.
Check out Hard to Accept here:


Like Breath Beneath A Veil

(Avant! - AV!038) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Dark folk rock extended with martial stomps, semi-acoustic guitars drenched in reverberation, and throbbing, vibrant bass lines. The fertile Danish trio’s fistful of apocalyptic ballads, pregnant with tragedy and unavoidability, march onward with a solemn gait toward god knows where. With 16-page lyrics booklet.


Walk In White

(Avant! - AV!031) 7-inch $9.75 (Out-of-stock)

Though this Copenhagen trio belongs to the Posh Isolation brood, their personal variation of dark rock has roots in folk, with a lot of focus on songwriting and lyrics. Originally formed in order to play the acoustic songs of singer Bo Høyer Hansen in an electric setting, they own the sweet spot shared by electric neo-folk, Dead Moon-ishness, and a notable Gun Club vibe. Check out the B-side here:



(Avant! - AV!032) LP $16.50 (Out-of-stock)

Within a web minimal electronics, Wes Russel’s signature rich baritone and unorthodox guitar, and Void Vision’s Shari Wallin’s synths, drum machines, and backing vocals, the second full-length from this Philadelphia-based post-industrial duo hints at EBM, neofolk, and tribal industrial. Having evolved from raw and gritty post-punk, they now cross territories between the electronic and organic, the harsh and beautiful.


The Poet & The Blue Flower

(Avant! - AV025) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

Through kaleidoscopic composition, constitution of voice, and timbral experimentation, Nathaniel Ritter and Troy Schafer’s unique system of auditory mysticism inhabits an indefinable territory in the post-industrial and neofolk landscapes. Strictly structured songlike fragments, free-associative passages, Schafer’s stoic orchestral arrangements, Ritter’s tidal electronics, and poetry from Germany’s early 20th Century post-romantic literary underground. Gray vinyl.


Abject Obsessions

(Avant! - AV!041) LP $18.25 (Out-of-stock)

Cold, dark, and catchy post-punk by this Canadian duo from Vancouver. Caustic drum machines, voix féminines en Français and male vox in English, menacing synths and guitars as sharp and dangerous as a rusty blade.


To London Or The Lake

(Avant! - AV026) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

Kyle Kimball’s follow-up to New Grave (Avant 2012), itself a modern-day dark-wave classic, is more focused and defined polished, bringing in traces of Gary Numan’s catchy synth leads and Siouxsie’s vocal melodies, but not at the expense of driving guitar reminiscent of The Mission or The Cult. Edition of 500



(Avant! - AV!030) 12-inch $17.75 (Out-of-stock)

The debut EP of the techno project by Dream Affair’s Hayden Payne moves between noise-ridden soundscapes and minimal industrial techno rhythms (influenced by EBM classics such as Front 242 and Klinik) and modern contemporaries like Silent Servant and Ancient Methods. Disparate sounds magically convert into driving and danceable noise. Listen to the title track here:


Pleasure Symbols

(Avant! - AV043) LP $18.25 (Out-of-stock)

Desolate but not devoid postpunk duo Phoebe Paradise and Jasmine Dunn engulf honest pop music under a sea of slowed, cold synth, bass, and unembellished restraint. Ritualistic vocals convey a sense of desperation, but not without fortitude. Edition of 500



(Avant! - AV!035) CD $14.75 (Out-of-stock)

(Avant! - AV!035) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Bassist / vocalist William Maybelline moves from the pop touch of Lebanon Hanover to cruise the slums of darker and even more extreme electronics, where the vile is visible, despair exists in a frowning black tower of pain, and the yearnings of a desolate heart are concealed, trying to scratch that unscratchable rotting itch from within. Centuries of sorrow drenched in gloomy electronics that palpitate like human passions.
LP includes free download card.



(Avant! - AV!040) LP $17.00 (Out-of-stock)

Six corrosive reverb-obsessed tracks by this Paris quartet who are ready to shake the dead and crash cars. Furious, toxic, and fully enveloped in bleak nihilism, Distance sounds “like the work of vampire serial killers locked forever in the tunnels beneath the city with only a selection of obscure ’80s electropop records … to get them through the night,” according to Bluesbunny.



(Avant! - AV009) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Eight tracks by the infamous gay beast from France obsessed with trash electronics and bad sexual habits. A sick mix of Giorgio Moroder, Italo disco, the paranoid minimal wave of Suicide, and the early industrial clangors such as Cabaret Voltaire. Red vinyl, second edition with new insert.



(Avant! - AV042) LP $18.75 (Out-of-stock)

Fourth moody album by these Detroit-based dusters, driven by vintage drum machine beats, dark, slinky bass and catchy keyboard work. A perfect soundtrack to any overcast day in the urban wasteland.