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Stephen Clover’s work “is about minimalism, field recordings, and still, beautiful moments. Some tracks,” say our friends at Last Visible Dog, “are outright disturbing and quite experimental, while others focus only on solo acoustic guitar … [or] demonstrate an all-too-genius use of field recordings.”


Exactly What You Lost

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Seht is one of the post-Corpus Hermeticum bands whose peers are Birchville Cat Motel, Peter Wright, A.M., and folks like that. Stephen Clover and Boston artist Howard Stelzer first swapped recordings from their respective locales -- cars going by, planes overhead, birds in the bushes, just humdrum suburban stuff. Next, the recording of the NZ birds were played in Boston’s trees and re-recorded as the local birds sang along with the foreign tweets. Likewise, tapes of Boston cars going by were mixed with NZ cars going by. After it was all processed, scrambled and reassembled, it wound up having a certain melancholy feel. A cassette-blurp mess straightens out steadily until it’s just a flat line and the tap tap tap of a dying tape deck motor. A party record, basically.