You Cannot Tell Cigars By The Picture On The Box

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“Bedroom legends shower the parched earth with canonized filth and cheap-tape degradation,” sputters The Wire, “Setting a brand new bench mark in foggy-psychic-swuzz. Six extended tracks that run the gamut of ooze, sliming a cast of guest contributors along the way.”



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Withering screeeeech and grubby microtonal shudder in a near-Stalinist attempt for total mind control. A twenty-story Hoover gobbles the entire Northeast of the USA, pausing to empty the bag and replace smoldering fuse wire. Hard, harmful, full of choking dust.


Birds Call Home Their Dead

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The thirty-minute title track on this 2007 disc comes on like "supercharged outerspace noise-rock ... that builds ... until the whole thing explodes into a full-on in-the-red space-rock free jam.... "Kissing Dragon" ... [with its] languid, high-end shimmer, layers of guitar, tangled melodies [and] deep reverberant swells [is] woven into a ... dreamlike raga...." The final track, "Her Anger Is Limitless," previously released as a tour CDR (Celebrate Psi Phemenon 2006), "sounds like a million guitars..., guys outside cutting down trees and tossing them in the wood chipper..., [a] futuristic synth battle, thousands of little bells and chimes, a roomful of amps turned on and buzzing with no instruments plugged into them...."



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2003 collaboration by Campbell Neale and that one guy from the Dead C and A Handful of Dust. The former plays violin, turntables, space phone, bamboo rattle, amplified sugar bowl, milkshake mixer, turntables, contact mics, computer speakers, tapes, clarinet, recorder, transceiver mic, organ, and cheap synth, while the latter handles guitar, effects, tape loops, fire, pine cones, water, electric toothbrush, percussion, and oscillator.


Latvasta Laho

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“It is the drunken bird’s dream, the mouldy instrument, the evil music box, the song of half past 4am joy, people bathing in fairy’s pee and releasing the enchanting sound and the tantalizing sound.” Ralf Normaali is no liar.


Pink Stalingrad

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A loose-as-hell rumination on human tragedy of a magnitude beyond imagining that takes on a white-knuckled ride through snow and smoke and blood and fire the everlasting, golden-superchord of Birchville Cat Motel, the growling tectonic, under-par riffage of Black Boned Angel, and the Burzum-o-phonic, cassette-left-on-the-dashboard fidelity disruption of Ming.


I’ll Take No Chance Near a Volcano

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Stefan Neville shifts away from lo-fi aesthetics and noise explorations toward more free improvisational moments with a wider range of sonorities, while maintaining his outsider freak folk orientation. From 2001



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Stephen Clover’s work “is about minimalism, field recordings, and still, beautiful moments. Some tracks,” say our friends at Last Visible Dog, “are outright disturbing and quite experimental, while others focus only on solo acoustic guitar … [or] demonstrate an all-too-genius use of field recordings.”



(Celebrate Psi Phenomenon - 1006) Used CD $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

This 2004 disc explodes with exquisite textures capable of blissfully enveloping daily life and driving one’s neighbors batty. An infinite block-rocking beat melts into deep transparency, revealing a subterranean omniverse of Casiotone mantras, silicon chip psalms, and the mystical babbling of angels and derelict gutter drunks. Think Steve Reich, 50 Cent, and a Buddhist throat-singing Devo.