Lisa Says

(Aufabwegen - AATP38) LP $22.00

Transcontinental collaboration with sounds recorded in Stockholm, Berlin and Auckland. The mixdown portrays the current state of affairs in improvised noise: filtered gritty sound blocks flow and float with no apparent direction when sudden breaks puncture the structure and create something almost like a melody. Text insert documents a skype conversation between the two artists discussing the methods and aesthetics connected to this release and their ways of working in general.


Songbook 5

(Disembraining) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

The fifth edition of Mattin’s ongoing series uses “improvisation as a way of exposing structural clichés in pop and rock music” and “song structures to demystify the so-called spontaneity and freedom of improvisation.” With contributions from Joel Stern and Alex Cuffe (Sky Needle), Andrew McLellan (Cured Pink) and guitarist Dean Roberts (Thela, White Winged Moth, Autistic Daughters), it was created according to a strict set of conditions generated through an obsessively literal reiteration of the number five: five musicians record five improvised songs of five minutes each addressing five concepts described in five-word titles; a twenty-five-minute concert with five-minute sections structured by five instructions based on the song titles given to five members of the audience; vocals recorded for the five songs in the form of a singing lecture at the Victorian College of the Arts, where the audience only hears Mattin’s voice as he listens to the backing tracks on headphones; recordings of the first three parts superimposed to create a twenty-five-minute album consisting of five five-minute songs. Edition of 555.



(Celebrate Psi Phenomenon) Used CD $15.00

Withering screeeeech and grubby microtonal shudder in a near-Stalinist attempt for total mind control. A twenty-story Hoover gobbles the entire Northeast of the USA, pausing to empty the bag and replace smoldering fuse wire. Hard, harmful, full of choking dust.