(Sigma Editions) Used CD $4.00

Six tracks previously released on limited edition lathe-cut sevens, plus a new live recording from Sydney 1997.



(Sigma Editions) Used CD $4.00

In which Rosy Parlane reveals an “interest in sublimity, minor keys and mesmerizing repetition … like melancholy carnival music devoid of sentimentality. The repetition … mimics mechanical reproduction in that the quality degenerates over the course of the track, ending in an enveloping, ever stronger fuzz…. Parlane has shifted from relatively lo-fi techniques of construction to the digital realm of computer music and [it] is reflected in the intricacy of the tracks…, innately musical, seductive and affecting, full of quiet and not so quiet catches and hooks, so easy that the difficulty is camouflaged.”



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“Parlane’s rich and vibrant pulses emanate and exude away from a center boiling over with the unspeakable,” marvels Brainwashed. “Iris sounds like the universal Om hissing in through subjective ears, playing with the phenomenology of experience, and coming to rest in the form of a vision…. “Part 2” hums and modulates away over the organic sounds of glass, chains, and textured friction washing by in an organized concerto for metal surfaces and brooms. “Part 1” rolls along slowly, almost like a lullaby, until the processed sound of white noise begins raining down over the calm…. “Part 3” is perhaps the most stunning…. The rhythmic popping and snapping mix perfectly with the organ flows passing above and beneath.” Drilled hole in upper right



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Second full-length release by former member of Thela incorporates unconventional and orchestral instrumentation, from ambient to noise, from languid and mournful to harsh and assertive. Guests include Marcel Bear, Tetuzi Akiyama, Lasse Marhaug, Anthony Guerra, Michael Morley, Donald McPherson, Matthew Hyland, David Mitchell, Stefan Neville and Campbell Kneale.



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“Confronting geometries of technological interfaces with the more obscure and tense geographies of Basque country. Brittle insect clicks and digital replies, groaning, sub-sonic movements of a prehistoric landscape its made audible by ruined machines, tearing electricity, dense slabs of feedback, echoes and hush.” With Xabler Erkizia on three tracks. From 2002