Bilbo's Incinerator

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An atypically gushing review at Siltblog says this 7-inch "erupts like fissures of primordial ash 'n' pumice from a toxic lava of Punk Brut that is most refreshing & revelatory." Art For Spastics concurs, describing it as "abhorrent pummeling scuzzrock that is so extremely harrowing," filled with "unbridled anger and despair." Other people have good things to say about it as well, but fuck 'em.


Reluctant Divers

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Piercing electronic tones inspired by a recurring dream experienced in the hospital. Gambardella, who uses “test equipment for installations and performances, adapted and made electronic and acoustic devices that investigate and experiment with the physical and emotional properties of sound.”



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“Confronting geometries of technological interfaces with the more obscure and tense geographies of Basque country. Brittle insect clicks and digital replies, groaning, sub-sonic movements of a prehistoric landscape its made audible by ruined machines, tearing electricity, dense slabs of feedback, echoes and hush.” With Xabler Erkizia on three tracks. From 2002



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Electronic goat-herder Mattin is joined in 2001 by percussionists Rosy Parlane (Parmentier, Sigma Editions, Thela, Pit Viper) and AMM’s Eddie Prévost. Well nurtured swarms of singularly malign hisses, gurgles and overtones occasionally swell up, invade, suddenly recoil and loiter darkly in an awkward middle distance. “Much of the music’s depth and elusiveness comes from the way individual sounds are sharply differentiated yet entangled tightly,” explains Matthew Hyland. “Percussion rarely interrupts liquid feedback with punctual impact; rather, it generates a second, third, fourth writhing body of sustained sound. Objects chime or are scraped or rung as often as hit, allowing distinct conjunctions to emerge and persist before falling away.” In card folder, with one crease ripped.